New Socials Are Up!

Hi everyone!

I don’t have enough content up yet to do a formal and proper launch, but since I consider you all friends (and I feel like you won’t judge me to harshly for the incompleteness), you all get the heads-up on my new project.

See, I kinda have a dream job where I travel all over the world and facilitate good people networking with other good people to accomplish good things. And if I don’t do something to make this dream-job happen for me NOW, then I might never do it.

So that’s the purpose behind my new website:

And I’m excited that I was able to grab this name on all the major social medias too. Like, that NEVER happens so this must be a good sign. So if you’re a fan of social media too, please connect with my new project over there too:

Facebook: Bloggers Offline | Facebook

Twitter: Bloggers Offline (@bloggersoffline) / Twitter

Instagram: Bloggers Offline (@bloggersoffline) β€’ Instagram photos and videos

Now definitely don’t worry, I won’t quit this Pepper Valentine blog. I need this outlet and this support system in my life. I definitely NEED it, as well as all my friends here, so it’s not going anywhere!

5 Replies to “New Socials Are Up!”

  1. How exciting!

    Love the intro on the website about how you’ve worked in the industry 20+yrs – “please don’t do the math to age me” πŸ˜‚

    Started following the new Twitter & Insta (Caz / @invisiblymeblog) πŸ‘


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