Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

Last year I had the chance to visit Beijing, and of course while I was there I just had to stop at the Great Wall of China.

History – Great Wall of China

It was amazing to comprehend how much square footage this architectural feat encompassed. I had to look it up on Wikipedia, where it said the Ming Dynasty built about 8,850 km (5,500 mi) worth of the wall between the years 1300 – 1600.  And some parts of the wall are as old as 7th century BC. Most of the original wall is in disrepair and cannot be visited, but the areas that are still available to visit, have had to be renovated and maintained.

Once you are there, you completely understand why they did it.  It definitely made sense as a fortress against enemies – where the visibility across so much terrain would have been critical to their defense.

Some Tips for Your Visit

I must say, I was not prepared for this because I extended a business trip a few extra days, so I had only packed heels and sandals – which I will strongly advise against! You NEED sneakers. Need. So much of the surface area is uneven, slanted, wobbly, or comprised of stairs so no footwear can properly equip you for it. However, sneakers are probably your best bet.  I slipped and stumbled so much in my sandals that I want to go back just to enjoy it more carefully.

Another tip is mostly directed for the female visitors, but, the restroom situation there is BYOTP (Bring Your Own Toilet Paper) so make sure you keep enough for your visit in your purse or backback. The ride to/from the Great Wall of China is very long so you’re very likely to be visiting the restrooms there.

My Favorite Part of the Visit

That probably was my favorite part of the visit – the view of all the surrounding area. So impressive. So beautifully breath-taking. I do plan to return so I can bring my daughter. I’ll wear sneakers too.

Here are some of my amateur photos:

The Great Wall of China, Beijing / Image Source: Pepper V.
The Great Wall of China, Beijing / Image Source: Pepper V.
The Great Wall of China, Beijing / Image Source: Pepper V.
The Great Wall of China, Beijing / Image Source: Pepper V.
The Great Wall of China, Beijing / Image Source: Pepper V.
The Great Wall of China, Beijing / Image Source: Pepper V.

When Gifts Cause Problems, Part 2

When Gifts Cause Problems

Everyone remember the lady that was sending me random gifts by mail? If you need a refresher, here’s a link to the original post: When Gifts Cause Problems.

I had to tell her to stop bc it was getting to be too much… And then I stopped talking to her bc I didn’t want to encourage her to send more…

Well, I have an update…

… I just received a new gift from her in the mail today.

Image Source: Me

Considering that I haven’t chatted with her since I told her to stop, this was really unexpected. And it’s much more uncomfortable to me.

Another thing that’s bothering me about these gifts is that my husband even thinks it’s incredibly weird and he’s questioning who’s sending me all these gifts that are signed with hearts all over. I keep telling him it’s a lady I met on the internet but the more gifts that arrive, the less he believes me. I really don’t need this stress in my life.

And I don’t know how to make her stop. I’ve very clearly told her to stop. And I’ve even stopped chatting with her, bc I feel like engaging with her will only encourage her to keep sending. She doesn’t put a return address on her mail, so how can I block her mail from me without a return address? I can’t even return-to-sender so she knows I’m not accepting it.

Ugh, what would you do if you were me?