Giveaway Winner Announcement

Hi everyone! The giveaway winner of my Valentine’s Day wine contest is… **drumroll** Kate from Adventure Oyster. Her blog is at www.adventureoyster.com and her instagram is @adventureoyster. Congratulations Kate! I hope you enjoy your prize! 🙂 I used the Excel randomizer formula to “draw” the winner. If you’d like to do something similar, I documented …


7 Non-Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

7 Non-Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas

Anybody else like me, and not very enthusiastic about romance in general? If so, I have some non-romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for you… I don’t mean to sound disgruntled about Valentine’s Day. I know that ALOT of people enjoy the candles, and flowers, and chocolates, and romance, etc for Valentine’s Day and I wish you …