I’m So Close to Freedom!

Oh boy, I don’t know if you all have picked-up on the fact that I’m miserable working from home all day.

I think if I were alone at home all day, then it wouldn’t bother me so much. As I do believe that my primary issue is that my husband is ALSO home all day and I just wasn’t designed to be around someone 24/7 without a break for more than a year! It’s simply not my comfort zone.

My comfort zone is that whoever I’m living with… we do our own separate thing during the weekday (like, WORK) and have a few quality hours together in the evenings and the weekend. That’s a good balance that works for us.

But ever since covid happened, we’ve been home together non-stop. Every waking moment is together. Going on 14 months now. I’m not built for this. I’m burned out and I need a break. I physically CRY so often now because I need a break from this over-exposure so badly.

And I *might* get my break soon.

My husband has gotten his covid vaccine and his work is now telling him that he needs to go back to the office everyday!!!! Wooooo!!! I’m so happy about this I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait!

They want him back at the office so badly that they even offered him a 20% raise to do so!

C’mon!!!!!! This is a no brainer, right?!!!!

But of course I have drama!!!!! Nothing can just be easy for me!

The husband is protesting going back to office. He’s turning down the raise AND insisting that they let him continue working from home full-time. Oh my gosh, I want to MURDER.

If he was really worried about covid, I can be sympathetic to that. But he’s not. He’s just using that as his excuse. He’s flat-out told me that he doesn’t want to go back to the office because then he “has to pretend to work all day”. And he doesn’t have to pretend that at home. That’s it. That’s his reason.

He KNOWS I’m miserable with both of us at home full-time. I hear him telling his friends that all the time so it’s not even a secret. And I don’t have a work office I can go to – I’m a legit remote employee. It’s not even an option for me or I would do it. But he’ll gladly keep me miserable, as well as turn down a 20% raise, just so he doesn’t have to pretend to work all day.


I’ll find out what happens soon I hope. I mean, his work is going to have to make a decision of some sort. But I NEED this. So bad. 🙁

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Quick Pic Slip – Rare!

I know I don’t post alot of photos of myself on here. I don’t know why. So this quick pic slip today is quite an unlikely thing for me to do!

When I was younger and MySpace was hot and Facebook was the big new thing (lol, I know I’m totally dating myself here), I would seriously post a new selfie practically every single day. I loved it. I got addicted to all the positive validation I could easily receive online.

But as I’ve gotten older, I just outgrew that. And I stopped enjoying even taking selfies at all. So I don’t appear in many photos anymore. Even when I travel someplace really cool, my photos will be 99% my surroundings, and maybe <1% me.

It’s probably also related to how I’ve lost confidence in my appearance as I’ve gotten older too. I know that’s something I need to turn around, and just haven’t yet. And as I posted about here, this year of lockdown only made that worse for me, as it’s taken away all my reasons to even get dressed to wear makeup or style my hair. Those reasons everyday for me are now gone, and I’ve had a hard time doing it otherwise.

Anyhow, I did find a recent selfie of myself that I like so I can use it for my quick pic slip today. It’s still probably a year old since I haven’t taken one in a long while. But I figured I can reveal myself to you all – my squad. 🙂

How about you? Do you post alot of photos of yourself online anymore? Why or why not?

Quick Pic Slip
Quick Pic Slip / Image Source: Pepper V.

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7 Inspiring Mother’s Day Gifts for the Minimalist Mom

Gifts for the Minimalist Mom

What do you all do to celebrate Mother’s Day? It’s only a couple weeks away in the U.S. How about gifts? What do you do as gifts for the minimalist mom?

I already know that I’m spending my Mother’s Day making my mother-in-law’s favorite meal (I’m doing all the grocery-shopping and cooking too) and kissing her butt. That’s how I spend ALL my Mother’s Days – it’s all about the mother-in-law. Too bad she hates me, and vice-versa. I posted about it here if you want more deets.

But I can DREAM of what my ideal Mother’s Day would be like. And in my dream… my mother-in-law would never appear. Also in my dream… I’d be able to take a nap, eat all my favorite foods, and not have to lift a finger for a single chore. And that would be my perfect Mother’s Day. So easy.

Since I was dreaming about this, I was thinking what do people usually do or gift for Mother’s Day?

I think I’m quite close to being a minimalist as far as how I prefer my lifestyle. My family doesn’t necessarily cooperate with that, but my preference is definitely a “less is more” approach. And my kryponite is clutter. Tangible objects as gifts usually freak me out bc if I don’t have a proper place to keep it, then it falls into the clutter category to me, and that stresses me out.

So as far as what the ideal gifts for the minimalist mom would be, I came up with a list of 7 things I would definitely enjoy to receive as gifts. See below…

7 Gifts for the Minimalist Mom

  1. Quality Time Together. This one could be a family movie in front of the tv, or a nice walk outside if the weather is comfortable, or even just a road-trip somewhere. Anything really, would be very pleasant for me. As long as it’s relaxing.
  2. Food and drink. I do love to eat and drink! This can be either a restaurant experience, or a home-cooked meal (as long as I don’t have to cook it) and I would enjoy it immensely! Feed me! Also, food and drinks that can be stored well are also good gifts. I’m thinking about wines, alcohols, etc. Because even if I don’t drink them myself, then I’ll be able to use them when I have guests at my home or I can bring them with me when I visit someone else’s home.
  3. Portraits! I have a shortage of actual photos of me WITH my child. Since I’m usually the one taking all the snapshots of my family in all their glory, I don’t have anyone that will take photographs FOR me so I can be in the picture too. So arranging photos that mom can be in too would be a great gift.
  4. Gift Certificates and Gift Cards. These are pretty awesome gifts for the minimalist mom – or for ANY mom to be honest. We all love gift cards like crazy. Especially if it’s for something I have to buy anyway, because in that case it actually SAVES me money!
    Gifts for the Minimalist Mom
  5. Subscriptions and Upgrades. Ok, this is something I would never spend money on myself, but if someone else would like to spend money on it instead, then I would definitely take advantage and enjoy tremendously. I’m thinking mostly about tv subscriptions here – like for Hulu, or Discovery+ which I don’t have at the moment. Upgrades are almost the same as subscriptions. But I’m thinking here, like an upgrade to my cable tv package to get more channels. Or, once travel picks-up again… upgrades on airline memberships and hotel memberships. The perks are amazing! You can get free alcohol, special lounges, extra space, larger rooms, etc. I would never actually splurge and spend my own money on any of that… BUT, as a gift… I’d love it!
  6. Services. So if you really want to BUY something for someone that doesn’t enjoy clutter or more traditional gifts, how about a service? This can be a hair/face/nails salon service, or even a home service such as carpet steam cleaning or a deep-cleaning from a maid service.
  7. Take care of some routine chores for me. Holy cow, this would be my most favorite one of all!!! If someone else could just do my laundry, do my grocery shopping, cook the family meals for a change, etc. Anything to relieve me of these chores, even for a single day… would be an incredible gift to me.

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been able to come-up with as gifts I would enjoy, since more traditional gifts like tangible objects aren’t really my thing. So hopefully these ideas for gifts for the minimalist mom will help you out if you have one in your life.

What do you all think? I am missing something that a minimalist mom would like?

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Spam Comments on WordPress Are Out of Control

Ugh, all the spam comments on WordPress are out of control and they are ruining my mood everyday! Check out my screenshot of a typical Comment queue for me now…

I get so excited to receive an email notification of a new comment on my blog so I check and… it’s freakin’ SPAM!!! This has been happening more and more frequently to me. It’s up to around 20 a day now. Are you all having this problem too?

By far, I’m receiving way more spam comments than real comments and it’s really infuriating me because I feel discouraged AND it’s wasting my time!

Luckily, I’ve had my comments set to Moderation mode so they don’t appear on my blog unless I approve them first. Then I’ve been sending each of them to SPAM as soon as I can. But it doesn’t do anything to decrease the frequency of receiving them. Like, I don’t even want these spammers to know that I exist! How do I become invisible to them?!

I Googled some more steps I can take to help deter this, and I found a setting to block comments based on keywords. I just made that change 10 minutes ago and I hope to see a major difference in how often I receive these stupid spam comments. From looking at my unapproved comments queue, you can guess what keywords I blocked, but I don’t want to actually type-out those keywords on this post in case it helps them find me again. 🙁

Anyhow, I’d love to hear your experience with this. Is it bothering you as much as it does me? How can we all unite to END spammers once and for all?!

My Mother-in-law Hates Me

Lol anyone else in this same situation? Where their mother-in-law hates them? I see this on Dr. Phil occasionally and I relate so hard because this is my life.

But yes, my mother-in-law HATES me. I’m not even exaggerating this for effect.

And the worst thing for me, is that 1) my husband is an only child so there are no other kids or grandkids to help distract her. And, 2) we are in the exact same city – we live literally 10 minutes away. And, 3) she has no friends or hobbies so there is nothing else for her to do all day. This is my trifecta of hate.

But I think it all boils down to… Me and her have nothing in common. Which isn’t bad by itself, except she’s just hateful about it and frames all our differences as if there’s something wrong with me.

The biggest issue I think, is that she was a stay-at-home mom and her main responsibilities revolved around keeping the home clean and in-order and cooking every meal from scratch for her husband and child. And that is her ideal standard for being a wife/mother.

And that’s just not me. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with me and her having different paths in life, except she’s constantly belittling me and trying to make me feel less-than for my different lifestyle.

I work full-time. And my main responsibilities are to work, and then to make sure my daughter is thriving. So when I’m not working, then I’m interacting with all my daughter’s needs, such as soccer and gymnastics and school studies. And she’s very active with all her extracurriculars so we stay quite busy.

I don’t make ANY meals from scratch. I don’t pick-up after anyone else in this home. I only pick-up after myself. I don’t have time for anything else. My daughter picks-up after herself. All the mess and clutter in the home that my MIL nags AT ME to take care of, is exclusively due to my husband – HER only child. So I don’t believe this is my problem.

Look. I don’t like my home being cluttered either. But her nagging at ME about it won’t solve the problem. The problem is so bad, that my husband actually keeps his overflow clutter (the clutter that I won’t allow in our home anymore because it is too excessive) in his own mom’s garage. She parks outside in her driveway so my husband can keep his excess clutter in her garage yet she thinks that I’m the problem. How crazy is that?!

She comes over for every single holiday. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And ruins every holiday for me. Every one.

She’s coming over for this-coming Mother’s Day as well. And we make Mother’s Day all about HER. I spend every Mother’s Day cooking her favorite meal (but not from scratch) and I listen to her complain about how she would make it better because she would grow her own green beans in her own garden and then can them herself, etc… She’s also particularly mad that I buy store-bought pies for these meals instead of making homemade pies. And she doesn’t like anything spicy so I have to make it all taste bland so I don’t enjoy it.

Sigh. See how all my holidays get ruined by her?

And it’s not much of a factor anymore since my daughter is in elementary school now, but prior to school, my daughter was in daycare all day because I was working. And my mother-in-law was so incredibly hateful to me because of that. Saying I needed to be home with my daughter during those years and I was being a neglectful mother. And I was the cause of her being sick all the time (she did have terrible allergies), etc…

That was about the time when I stopped caring what she thought of me and I stopped worrying about impressing her. How she treated me during that time was unforgivable. All she did was insult me over everything she didn’t like, BUT never lifted a finger to actually help anything. She really hasn’t changed much since then either.

So, I tolerate her. And that’s about it. I don’t buy her any cards or gifts for Mother’s Day. I just make a bland meal that she’ll say she hates but still comes over to eat. And she’ll fume at me that HER son keeps the house cluttered.

Fun times.

Another Hypothetical Question Game

Everyone loved my first hypothetical question so much… Here’s another one!

A superhero like IronMan or SuperMan actually comes into real-world existence. Today. Would the world become a better place?

Oh boy. While I personally would be ecstatic for this to really happen, I think the real-world response would be quite the opposite.

I simply think that there are too many governments and too many people in powerful positions that would rally together AGAINST this superhero. This is someone that would threaten their ultimate control and their power.

So I believe they would either sway the superhero to be one of “them” or destroy the superhero. But neither of those outcomes would help to make the world a better place unfortunately.

What do you all think?

Spontaneous Roadtrip Through Ireland

Roadtrip Through Ireland

My last international trip before Covid shutdown everything was a roadtrip through Ireland. This trip was unique for me as in I had no itinerary except to arrive and depart Dublin at very precise dates/times. But in-between, I had no plans. I rented a car and figured that I would just stop whenever something interested me.

You’ll find several links throughout this post, but none of them are affiliate links. I’ve only included them for your information and for your convenience.

Trinity College Library, Dublin

The first day, I did stay in Dublin just to get a bit acclimated and to recover from the long overnight flight. I didn’t do anything too crazy, just walked around the city and absorbed what I could.

I did stop inside the Library at Trinity College because I am obsessed with history, and especially old books and old libraries. I just love that kind of stuff.

The Roadtrip Through Ireland

Seriously what I enjoy most about such a roadtrip is that I have complete control. I decided to take the country roads instead of the highways. And I end-up with the most amazing scenery as well as the most amazing finds. Here’s some photos of the scenery, and a photo of the inside of a 300+ year old pub named “The Dying Cow” that I never would have found if I tried to plan this trip.

Spike Island, Cork

Spike Island is in the County Cork area of Ireland. You can only arrive there via ferry. It was originally a monastery and later converted into a military fort, and then later converted into a prison where it was one time the world’s largest prison. It’s abandoned now. If you’d like more info of it, you can check out their tourist site. Lol, they even have ghost tours at night! (I was too scared to try).

This was probably my favorite part of the entire trip. There was a ton of historical information provided by a very personable and funny tour guide, and you also had time to yourself to spend however you please on the island. You really could make an entire day of it if you wanted. I was lucky that the weather was nice the day I visited, and I could enjoy the exhibits as well as the terrain at my leisure. And there was a comfortable cafe available for refreshments when necessary too.

St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cork

While waiting for the ferry to take me to Spike Island, there was a massive cathedral that you could see from miles around. It was St. Colman’s Cathedral and here is their website. We stepped inside to take a look and it was beautiful. I am obsessed with old churches because of their history and their elaborate structures.

Inch Beach, Dingle Peninsula

And there’s even beach life in Ireland which I didn’t expect! This was a surprise find just from driving. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very cooperative on this day, but I would definitely enjoy this setting with some sunshine and some extra heat. 🙂

Haunted Leap Castle, Roscrea

And the final day in Ireland was when I stopped at Leap Castle on the drive back to Dublin to catch the flight home. I dedicated an entire post to this specific stop for all the ghost fans…

I hope you all have enjoyed my summary of my roadtrip through Ireland. I’d love to go again because I do enjoy the long scenic drives and the surprises to find along the way.

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