What to do with Popular Blog Posts

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve noticed that I have 1 blog post (just one, don’t get too excited) that performs exceptionally well ever since I first posted it several years ago. And even without any purposeful effort on my part, it does appear at the tippy top of Google search results. I’ve applied this sort of effort on some of my other posts, but haven’t been able to repeat that success anywhere else.

In case you’re curious, the post is a travel post about a huge personal pool that can be rented for parties: Thornton’s Pool.

But my big question here is: what do I do with this popular post? I feel like I should be leveraging it somehow. I’ve added affiliate links there, and also links to other travel posts on my blogs. I’ve also added a form to subscribe to my email list.

However, all those links get 0 activity. None.

So I’m curious, what should I be doing on that post? Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try, or examples of what you’ve done in similar situations? Any ideas would be incredibly helpful as I am stumped!

I hope you all are having a great day!

Improve my Attitude About Work

I am committed to improve my attitude about work.

I’m not there yet – it’ll be an evolution for sure. And it’s difficult when every workday is a nonstop frustration.

You see, everyday I’m getting double-booked and triple-booked for meetings. I have to choose to attend the most important one, and while I’m trying to pay attention, I’m getting IM’d (receiving instant messages) regarding the meetings I’m missing. This happens all day long.

And let me tell you, this IM feature at work has been the worst invention of all time. You end-up having to write back immediately because you know the person at the other end is wanting that information on the spot. Otherwise, they would’ve sent an email. And I do have difficulty responding to all my emails everyday because they pile-up so quickly, and I’m usually also juggling meetings and IMs so the emails become lower-priority on my daily to-do list.

Also, the meeting situation is out of control. I already mentioned the double-bookings and the triple-bookings… but also, every meeting ends-up running late, which makes me late to my next meeting, and I do hate being late.

And since I’m in back-to-back meetings all day, I do end-up having to multi-task and squeeze-in some actual work on top of 1) participating in non-stop meetings; and 2) replying back to all the IMs.

But I do intend to change my attitude about this. Not sure how yet, but this will probably be my life for the next 20+ years and I don’t want to miserable for all those years.

I’ll probably try to post more about how I’m evolving regarding this attitude-change. Or post more about how to survive this type of work lifestyle. I’m not sure, but I think sharing what I’ve learned will be a huge part of my catharsis. Hope it doesn’t bore you all too much!