Declutter Update

Declutter Challenge

Hello all!

Do you remember that infamous broken treadmill that I’ve been complaining about on my blog since 2022? To be fair, I’ve been upset about it probably since 2018, but I didn’t introduce it to you all on my blog until 2 years ago. If you’d like to remind yourselves, the previous posts about it are here: Declutter Challenge 2022 and Declutter Challenge 2023.

I was upset that it was broken and nobody was going to fix it and it was taking-up a ridiculous amount of space in my house. We were basically using it to stockpile other junk on top of. It made that room completely unusable. Here are a couple of photos to refresh your memory:

Declutter Challenge
Declutter Challenge
Declutter Challenge
Declutter Challenge

And do you remember when the treadmill had a new friend join it? Yes, a broken exercise bike was added to the family too. We didn’t have enough room for it so just left it in a doorway. Fun times! Pic below for a reminder:

Declutter Challenge
Declutter Challenge

Well… after 6 years of asking my husband to get rid of the treadmill… it finally happened! I still can’t really believe it! But perhaps 6 years is the magic number. Maybe I should simply stop stressing-out about my unheeded requests and just relax and wait 6 years. Sounds totally reasonable.

The good news is that both the treadmill and the exercise bike are successfully out of the house and I can start cleaning/organizing/decorating those rooms to my satisfaction. I’m really excited about this. Woot!

The bad news is that both the treadmill and the exercise bike are now waiting in my husband’s garage for me to call someone to come pick them up. We have a person in town that picks up broken equipment and either fixes them up himself or uses them for parts. We prefer this so we feel like we’re not being wasteful by throwing these things away, since someone has a good purpose for them.

But I think I’ll wait awhile to make that phone call. Perhaps 6 years…

Just Life Updates

I can’t believe how time has been passing by so quickly! And I’m wasting most of my time with work, unfortunately.

Work has gotten ridiculously hectic, with alot of travelling added to my schedule. My fear of flying seems to be getting worse, honestly. With each new flight, I get more scared – even if it’s relatively smooth and turbulence-free.

I think most people become more comfortable with flying, the more they do it. It’s like, exposure-therapy. But why am I the opposite?

It’s just weird. I hope it doesn’t get to the point where I won’t be able to fly anymore. I wonder if I’ll lose my job when that happens.

I used to excitedly dream about being able to leave my job, and find another job more satisfying to my soul – like genuinely helping people and animals in need. But I’ve given-up on that dream. Probably permanently.

I do need the income from the job I currently have. I don’t expect to be able to maintain that income doing something else. I also do need the health insurance from the job I currently have. It is undeniably very good health insurance that I doubt I could find as good anywhere else.

Even though I’m not happy nor fulfilled with my work at the moment, I really cannot turn my back on the financial stability it provides for me. So I’m trying to embrace this corporate life of mine now, and figure out how to change my mindset so that I’m not depressed about it everyday.

And instead of dreaming about escaping it, I need to start dreaming about transforming it.