Obnoxious and Unwelcome Surprises at the Office

Unwelcome Surprises at the Office

I definitely do NOT miss any of the pranks or hijinks that would often occur at work. One of my most famous unwelcome surprises at the office is captured in my featured image. Check it out.

Unwelcome Surprises at the Office – Pranks

I was minding my own business and the next thing I know, I found this creepy murdered stuff bear in my desk drawer. I was not very happy about it. And it’s definitely a shock when you’re not expecting it.

I eventually tracked down the person who did it. And it was a prank only – no other ulterior motives. They actually spent alot of time and effort on it as they had to create all the murdered bits of the bear themselves. Imagine if they spent all that time and effort on a work-related endeavor instead.

I’m very paranoid and uptight, so antics and pranks like that aren’t my favorite. I start obsessing over WHO did it and WHY did they do it? Do they not like me? Am I being targeted?! Why are people in my desk drawers? What else could they be doing to me that I haven’t discovered yet?! What’s next?! Etc etc.

That’s definitely what goes on in my mind when something like that happens.

But basically, I don’t like being messed with. Joke or not. It just annoys me. And there’s something about the office environment that makes some adults feel like they can run around like unsupervised children. It’s ridiculous.

Do I sound uptight enough? I did a fun post earlier (link here) about which character from the TV series “The Office” I relate to most, and my answer was Angela. Lol, I probably sound alot like her right now.

Unwelcome Surprises at the Office – Cleaning Out Desks

Definitely one more thing that I do not miss about being at the office, is that when a coworker leaves us, we clean-out their desks. This leads to even more chances to find some unwelcome surprises at the office.

Usually we’re looking for a treasure that we’d like to keep for ourselves, like maybe a new pair of scissors or a stapler that isn’t jammed. But for the most part, everything left behind is trash.

One time a coworker left behind a nice framed photo of their family and kids. We actually called and asked if they’d like it returned to them somehow and they said “absolutely not”. Lol, ok. That same photo and frame later made an appearance at the company’s “Dirty Santa” gift-exchange that year. It was a very popular gift too. As I said, the frame was really nice.

The one thing I’ll never forget in my whole life… is when we discovered that a coworker had been hoarding the office coffee cups! And we are still stumped to this day – WHY did he DO this to us?!

I have photos of our discovery, but I need to warn you – do NOT scroll down to see these pics if you have a weak stomach or if you are about to have breakfast…




I’ll actually wish you all a great day here, in case you do heed my advice and exit now. Catch you later!!! Bye! 🙂










Unwelcome Surprises at the Office / Image Source: Pepper Valentine
Unwelcome Surprises at the Office / Image Source: Pepper Valentine
Unwelcome Surprises at the Office / Image Source: Pepper Valentine
Unwelcome Surprises at the Office / Image Source: Pepper Valentine

Which Character from The Office Are You?

Which Character From The Office Are You

This quick fun game might help us get to know each other a bit better… So which character from The Office are you (U.S. version)?

I really found myself most like Angela. Lol, don’t hate me now! What do you think? That’s me in the top right corner of the image, striking my typical arms-crossed pose. It’s my typical pose because I never have pockets in my work pants and I don’t like my arms to dangle, so… I cross them. Alot.

[The animated part of my image is from Marisa Livingston and can be found on her Instagram.]

I know Angela on The Office comes off as really unlikeable, and I think I do as well. Especially in person. But I can attribute that mostly to just being awkward socially.

But I definitely compartmentalize my life. There’s a time for work and there’s a time for play. And when I am at the office, I am in work mode and I don’t mingle much playfulness into that. When I see my co-workers goofing-off at work instead, it does bother me. Alot. And I do judge them for it too. So that’s particularly where I relate with Angela.

So I usually skip all the extra-curricular events that get scheduled during work hours so I can complete all my work during that time. And I do NOT enjoy any office pranks either. Especially those at my expense. Check out what my co-workers hid in my desk drawer here.

On the other hand, I’m a very good sport about any after-hours events that get scheduled. Happy-hours with fun coworkers at the end of the day were always my fave.

And except for Angela’s situation where 2 men were dueling for her (lol, THAT’S never happened to me), I do relate to her most of all.

How about you? Which character from The Office are you?

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4 Things to Look for in Your Perfect Office Bestie

I’ve been working in the corporate world for a longgggg time. And one thing I’ve learned is that you NEED an office bestie to survive. Your mental health requires it. This bestie could become the only thing you look forward to at the office and everyone needs that one thing. Otherwise, it can become a miserable existence there and that’s a LOT of your life you are spending miserable. Life’s way too short for that.

You won’t realize how important this office bestie is to you, until you need them. I actually didn’t come to this conclusion until I myself became the target of a toxic office, and everyone except this one person turned their backs on me because they chose their career over a friend. Most people will probably make that same choice. But when you find that one person who doesn’t, they deserve so much appreciation for it.

[My intro post about my toxic office experience is here, in case you missed it…]

This bestie will be important to vent to, to ask advice from, to make you laugh, to goof off with, to keep company while eating or breaking, etc. Basically, you won’t feel alone there bc of this person.

But while your office bestie can help you survive the daily grind, they can simultaneously have a crippling effect on your career goals. So you must be very careful who you choose for this. Some things to look out for:

1) That they are trustworthy. They hear all your venting, which isn’t anyone’s best moment. If they share any of that with others at work, you are in jeopardy of being seriously misconstrued and targeted as a squeaky wheel.

2) Their “side” in the toxic office. Are they a target of the toxic office? Or are they a part of the toxic office? Bc you’ll be lumped in with them, so choose wisely. This is where you do have to choose either your friendship or your career, because I don’t believe it’s possible to maintain both.

3) That they aren’t a higher position than you. Even a well-deserved promotion will be disputed by your peers when they know you have a friendship with a higher-up. And their cooperation going forward will be much harder to come by.

4) Marital Status. Here’s the thing, if you and your office bestie are the opposite sex, regardless of whether or not there is any intimacy after-hours, the office gossips WILL loudly proclaim that you two are most definitely an item. Are you willing to accept such gossip? If the both of you are single, then the gossip might not be a big deal. But if either of you – or both – are married, then this gossip can be devastating and you would probably be better off choosing a different office bestie.

And there’s probably a few more tips for this I could share with you. But these are the top 4 for sure. Do you have any tips regarding this you’d like to share? 🙂

Why Facebook Isn’t Fun Anymore

Because all my “friends” on it have ruined it for me.

Lol, hopefully you all know what I mean and don’t think I’m being rude.

I have a personal Facebook account where my family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers have been gathered. I actually enjoy how easy it is for me to keep up with what THEY are all doing. That part is convenient for me and is why I’ll never rid myself of this account.

However, it’s very rare for me to post anything about myself there. If I do post anything, it’s usually a non-offensive meme or a video of Family Feud goofs. But you’ll never discover anything personal of me on that account anymore.

Part of the reason for that is because I have people on this account that have stalker-ish behavior that makes me uncomfortable. For example, I’ve visited somewhere before and made the mistake of posting about it and next thing I know I’m “running into” them. And I know it wasn’t a coincidence. I don’t like that.

It also feeds alot of gossip. Especially among my coworkers. Holy smokes! They are so incredibly vicious and judgmental over what I’m doing. And everything I post gets circulated amongst the rest of my coworkers, even the ones I’m not FB friends with. I couldn’t post those Dreamliner pics from my previous post to my personal Facebook due to the gossip consequences I would face from my coworkers. That was a work trip, by the way, so they would’ve been extra judgy over it.

Other things my coworkers have done to me, was that when I would post pics of a meal I had at a restaurant while I was on a work trip, they would LOOK UP the menu online and calculate how much that meal cost and then circulate around the company how much I was spending. Frankly, as long as I was following the expense rules (and I always did), then it shouldn’t have been anyone’s business how much it was. It was so invasive.

And I have to censor myself so much it’s exhausting!

For example, I went to a little event last night, but I knew not everyone was invited, so I couldn’t post about it because I didn’t want to “out” the hostess for not inviting everyone. Because that would cause issues for her.

Another example, my daughter didn’t go to an out-of-town soccer tournament over Halloween weekend because she had inflamed growth plates in both her ankles (diagnosed by a doctor) that was causing her pain when she ran hard. BUT she really wanted to go trick-or-treating and she was able to manage that pain by not running. So I couldn’t post any of her trick-or-treating or costume pics to my FB because I KNEW that it would cause the other parents on her soccer team to raise their suspicions and question her injury. And I didn’t want to deal with that.

So those are just two examples from the last couple of weeks. Imagine how often this happens over the coarse of the several YEARS I’ve been on Facebook. It is exhausting. And I feel like I don’t have the freedom to post what I want on that account bc of the people in my real life that are on it, who will judge me and question me and stalk me and gossip about me, etc.

When I launched this blog, I decided to be anonymous so I wouldn’t have those same issues here. I want the freedom to be myself and post what I want. I don’t want to manage other people’s feelings. I don’t want to feel like I have to censor myself. I hope this can be my safe space.

I did start an alias and an anonymous FB to support this blog and interact with other bloggers I enjoy. Nobody I know from my real life is allowed. You’re all welcome to follow me there if you’d like. I’m at www.facebook.com/sassysassyandcultjam