McKamey Manor – World’s Scariest Haunted House

Happy Halloween everyone! This is my most favorite holiday ever! What do you all think of it? And, have you heard of McKamey Manor before?

Now, there are 2 types of haunted houses. The traditional haunted house is one that is claimed to be a hotspot for the supernatural – such as ghosts, poltergeists, demons, etc. The modern haunted house is more of an interactive tour that is meant to scare you via props, music, lighting, smoke, and even actors jumping out at you. To be honest with you, I don’t care much for these modern haunted houses because I HATE the idea of people jumping out to scare me. It’s just not my thing.

Around this time of year, I start to see McKamey Manor pop-up on my local news. It’s a modern haunted house that is located relatively close to me around Nashville TN in the United States. You might’ve heard the controversy about it more than anything else. Apparently, there are very vocal critics that say it’s less of a haunted house experience and more of a kidnapping/torture chamber experience. They’re always petitioning to try to get it shut down for good.

McKamey Manor / Image Source: Click Orlando

McKamey Manor does sell itself on it’s website as an extreme interactive haunted house attraction where “YOU will live your own Horror Movie.” They also affectionally call their participants “their victims”. Sound good to you so far?

Some of the most concerning activities include: 1) The police get called by McKamey Manor ahead of the tour to alert them of the upcoming activities; 2) Neighbors have reported screaming people getting dragged into/out of vans; 3) Participants claim to have been waterboarded; 4) McKamey Manor video-records the entire experience to protect themselves in court; and 5) a 40-page waiver of liability which includes “risk of death” is required.

And, you get $20,000 if you complete it! But… nobody ever has!

You might’ve also seen McKamey Manor on a couple of Netflix shows, such as “Haunters: The Art of the Scare” and the “Dark Tourist” series. Definitely check it out if you tend to enjoy Netflix productions.

So that’s all my scoop about this place. If you ever want to contact them to make your reservations, you can go directly to their website at But I would NEVER! Good luck!


While I’m too scared to ever visit McKamey Manor myself, I did visit a couple other spots which are more traditional haunted locations where the worst thing that could happen to you would be a ghost or two. Doesn’t sound so bad now in comparison does it? 🙂

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Just in case you are a fan of haunted travel destinations, below is a link to a National Geographic book about the topic. Would make a great gift! 🙂

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  1. oh my gosh! that is crazy you can win a $20,000 cash prize if you make it through. I love stories of haunted houses & going through a few entertaining ones but this one sounds intense! i’ve been to nashville once but i don’t think i’d have the guts to visit this haunted attraction! thanks for sharing.

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