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So yesterday I’m working as usual, and I receive an auto-email response to one of my inquiries to a co-worker…

[Person] is no longer with [Company]. For assistance, please contact [Different Person].

And I’m thinking how short and impersonal that is. And it made me really sad. Like alot of businesses, the company I work for has also been struggling and have been laying-off employees ever since covid lockdowns started.

And to announce that they are gone via a short and concise auto-email just seems really rude to me. I wish we had a chance to celebrate them and all their contributions they’ve made to the job. Isn’t that the least we can do?

Anyhow, this has been going-on since March. And I’m not getting used to it. Instead, I feel more and more de-moralized about being here. Everyday is just another reminder that I mean nothing to this company that has so much control over my livelihood. It’s not a good feeling.

My apologies for this post being such a bummer. Are any of you dealing with a similar situation at work? How are you doing?

11 thoughts on “Work News Via Auto-Email”

  1. I know the feeling. My company sacked 1 in 5 of its employees. The way they did it was awful. Told them by email. Then they made the rest of us sign a new – worse – contract in a friendly sign or be sacked kinda of manner. Gave us a week to make a decision. Sad sad times. It feels like if you still have a job at the end of this thing then you’ve done well. Anyway I wish you well and hope you get through it relatively unscathed 🙏

    1. Thankfully, my old workplace honored outgoing employees with a minor party and gifts. That was true for downsizing and retirements. The exceptions were because of firings due to incompetence or employee wrongdoing.

  2. After 8 years I was let go by my company due to my need for surgery on my hands. COVID keeps forcing it back, but until then I feel like I smooshed them with a hot iron. I am a little sad and hurt by their decision, but keep telling myself when one door closes a better one opens

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