Fun Wine Giveaway for Valentine’s Day

It’s about time for me to do another giveaway! This time it’s a Wine Giveaway for Valentine’s Day! The entry form is at the bottom of this post, so make sure to enter the drawing before you leave.

I don’t believe the entry form appears in the WordPress Reader app which I use all the time; but it should appear on the actual post on the live website instead. If you know a trick to make it appear in the Reader app, please let me know.

The story as to why I do this particular type of giveaway has already been posted here if you wanted to check-out my original giveaway post. But for a really quick summary, I can do that too:

I have a friend that sells Scout & Cellar wines. I want to support her. But I also don’t enjoy wine personally. So I’ve been purchasing from her (to be a supportive friend) but to buy as gifts for other people who would actually enjoy it. So it’s a bit of a win-win for me, because I’m usually stumped as to what gifts to buy for others anyway. It was definitely my go-to gift over the holidays.

But definitely enter if this is a gift you’d enjoy. The last day to enter is this-coming Sunday February 14th – which is why this is named my Wine Giveaway for Valentine’s Day! I’ll announce the winner on this blog the next day Monday, as well as email them directly.

There are 4 eligibility requirements to be able to win; they are listed below on the entry form. So be sure to review them before entering to make sure you can receive the prize. 🙂

The last time I did this type of giveaway, samosaswmimosas was our winner! You can check out her Instagram by clicking on her name. And she was kind enough to send me a photo of what she received. I used it as the featured pic on this post.

Anyhow, that’s all the scoop I have about this. I wish you all good luck! And if you’re not eligible for this specific prize, I’m on the lookout for a different type of prize to offer in the future with a wider reach. So just stay tuned!

If you know someone who would like to enter this Wine Giveaway for Valentine’s Day, please feel free to point them in this direction.

Good luck!

Pepper’s Wine Giveaway

Welcome to your entry form for a wine giveaway prize (up to a $70 value)! Please ensure that you are eligible to win (the 4 qualifications are listed below), and then complete this entry form by the end-of-the-day, February 14 2021.

The winner will be notified by email. The winner will also be announced on Pepper’s blog.

To be eligible to win, please ensure that:

1) You are at least 21 years old

2) You can provide a physical delivery address – no P.O. boxes

3) You are located in the United States. AND you do NOT live in one of these 6 states: Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah. This prize cannot be delivered to these 6 states.

4) You will be home to accept the delivery, OR you will be able to pick-up the delivery at your local FedEx Office. (This is necessary because they check your ID for age).

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