Why Facebook Isn’t Fun Anymore

Because all my “friends” on it have ruined it for me.

Lol, hopefully you all know what I mean and don’t think I’m being rude.

I have a personal Facebook account where my family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers have been gathered. I actually enjoy how easy it is for me to keep up with what THEY are all doing. That part is convenient for me and is why I’ll never rid myself of this account.

However, it’s very rare for me to post anything about myself there. If I do post anything, it’s usually a non-offensive meme or a video of Family Feud goofs. But you’ll never discover anything personal of me on that account anymore.

Part of the reason for that is because I have people on this account that have stalker-ish behavior that makes me uncomfortable. For example, I’ve visited somewhere before and made the mistake of posting about it and next thing I know I’m “running into” them. And I know it wasn’t a coincidence. I don’t like that.

It also feeds alot of gossip. Especially among my coworkers. Holy smokes! They are so incredibly vicious and judgmental over what I’m doing. And everything I post gets circulated amongst the rest of my coworkers, even the ones I’m not FB friends with. I couldn’t post those Dreamliner pics from my previous post to my personal Facebook due to the gossip consequences I would face from my coworkers. That was a work trip, by the way, so they would’ve been extra judgy over it.

Other things my coworkers have done to me, was that when I would post pics of a meal I had at a restaurant while I was on a work trip, they would LOOK UP the menu online and calculate how much that meal cost and then circulate around the company how much I was spending. Frankly, as long as I was following the expense rules (and I always did), then it shouldn’t have been anyone’s business how much it was. It was so invasive.

And I have to censor myself so much it’s exhausting!

For example, I went to a little event last night, but I knew not everyone was invited, so I couldn’t post about it because I didn’t want to “out” the hostess for not inviting everyone. Because that would cause issues for her.

Another example, my daughter didn’t go to an out-of-town soccer tournament over Halloween weekend because she had inflamed growth plates in both her ankles (diagnosed by a doctor) that was causing her pain when she ran hard. BUT she really wanted to go trick-or-treating and she was able to manage that pain by not running. So I couldn’t post any of her trick-or-treating or costume pics to my FB because I KNEW that it would cause the other parents on her soccer team to raise their suspicions and question her injury. And I didn’t want to deal with that.

So those are just two examples from the last couple of weeks. Imagine how often this happens over the coarse of the several YEARS I’ve been on Facebook. It is exhausting. And I feel like I don’t have the freedom to post what I want on that account bc of the people in my real life that are on it, who will judge me and question me and stalk me and gossip about me, etc.

When I launched this blog, I decided to be anonymous so I wouldn’t have those same issues here. I want the freedom to be myself and post what I want. I don’t want to manage other people’s feelings. I don’t want to feel like I have to censor myself. I hope this can be my safe space.

I did start an alias and an anonymous FB to support this blog and interact with other bloggers I enjoy. Nobody I know from my real life is allowed. You’re all welcome to follow me there if you’d like. I’m at www.facebook.com/sassysassyandcultjam

21 Replies to “Why Facebook Isn’t Fun Anymore”

  1. I wish I was more anonymous sometimes. I originally started my Tater page to list things I wouldn’t normally post on my personal page but then my boss followed it as well as my family because a few of my friends knew about it. I had one place online I was shielded from work and family but then Facebook bought it and shit it down. I’ve no place to hide

  2. Ive considered cleaning house of my Facebook account – delete friends, old photos etc… I rarely post on there as well. It’s just people being nosy and bragging or starting fights. I keep it for some family members because they want to see what we are doing but I keep it to once a month or longer. Glad to hear someone else dislikes it as well haha

  3. I can totally relate. The judgement of people on Facebook is just a small sample of the divide and judgement of people in this country. I have been doing this blog for 2 years and have only told 3 friends about it.

  4. Ohh that’s a lot to hear. People have so much time to calculate the bill from the menu. Ohhh my that’s a lot of work and a sad thing to do or even think of. How some people are so free to invade someone’s personal space!

  5. I’ve been debating on moving this blog to a private page Facebook page. I really don’t want my current face bookers all in my business. If I didn’t have family that lived out of town I would shut it down!

    1. You’re right about people on FB being all in your business. There’s something about that platform that makes them feel entitled to being invasive in other people’s lives. It’s so weird and wrong. Good luck!

  6. Oh my! I can relate to this. I’m already planning to delete my Facebook account by the end of this month because I no longer like the idea of my life being an open book to everyone I know. I began downloading memorable photos from it and just save it on my laptop. I used to enjoy it but because it’s becoming more toxic, I think deleting it soon is a good idea after all.

    1. Aw I totally understand feeling like it is toxic. I’ve deactivated it many times due to that exactly. And then after a break, I’d reactivate it again. Are you still planning to delete?

  7. I felt the same way which is why I never became Facebook friends with people from work. I didn’t feel like I needed their noses in my business. And especially if they are behaving SO strangely and in such a bullying manner. I’d just unfriend and block every one of them so you can post what you want without worrying about it. People are strange!

    1. Oh I am absolutely against becoming facebook friends with coworkers now. I would advise against it if anyone asked me bc of my experience. Lol I actually don’t even enjoy having other people I know in real life (non-coworkers) on my FB either, they ruin it for me too.

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