Why Become Famous Anymore?

I was one of those kids that used to dream about being famous. That used to be my measure of success.

I don’t even know why. My parents didn’t find anything impressive about fame and never encouraged it. They valued education and working hard in a more traditional occupation. So I grew up with them as my examples.

But I did get led astray and spent several years successfully being a stalker-fan and meeting some of my favorite celebrities and getting caught-up in that lifestyle. So I do have some interesting stories I can share with you all sometime.

I did out-grow that phase and now I have come full-circle and I’m completely aligned with my parents now where I no longer find anything impressive about fame.

Actually now, I even question if there’s anything attractive about being famous anymore? The world is completely different these days. You don’t need fame to become wealthy. Instead, fame seems to be much more of a liability now, where social media and cancel culture can make you lose it all in seconds.

With fame, everything you do and anything you’ve ever done is under a microscope. Your old social media, your emails, and even conversations you believed were private can be released for public consumption. And you subject yourself to a flood of nonstop toxicity and hate, where anything you do (no matter how neutral like playing with puppies) will receive verbal abuse online.

And life comes with ups and downs. It just happens. And I doubt any of us would like our downs to be broadcast to the world, and then have to endure the humiliation too.

So is fame even desirable anymore? I must say, I value my privacy so much and can’t imagine risking that for any reason.

7 Replies to “Why Become Famous Anymore?”

  1. Fame seems to be all that kids these days care about, in the era of YouTube and social media influencers. When teens find out that I’m a fortysomething who uses Instagram, the first thing they always ask is, “How many followers do you have?” I don’t care. I don’t do it for the followers.

  2. My early desire for fame used to revolve around the “look at me now” thing where I just wanted all the people who treated me bad as a kid to see me being successful. Now I just want the money

  3. I’ve noticed that most famous people develop mental health issues, probably because of the pressure they are under to maintain their status or due to bullying. I wouldn’t want to be famous if it costs me my peace of mind.

  4. It’s seems as though fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be anymore. Like you mentioned above, the fear of past transgressions coming to light is too great.

  5. Girl! You sound just like me. When I was young, I also wanted to be famous. Heck! I even fantasized about being a star when I was a kid. And who didn’t in those days? But after seeing all these celebrities getting cancelled over nothing, you’re right! It’s not worth it anymore. And it makes me glad as fruit punch I never became famous because there’s so much responsibility that goes with it. And like you, I value my privacy! Thank you so much for posting this, Pepper!

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