When to Tell the Truth About Santa

How did you decide how and when to tell the truth about Santa to your kids?

My daughter is 9 years old so I’m figuring this is probably the last year for her to believe in Santa.

When she was 7 years old, she received a Magic 8 Ball as a Christmas gift and immediately asked it “Is Santa Clause real?” and the Magic 8 Ball decidedly displayed the response “My reply is no”.

But she didn’t let that affect her. She shook off the response and never played with that gift again.

When she was 8 years old, she asked me directly “Is Santa Clause real?”

My philosophy about Santa is to neither confirm or deny anything so that I don’t have to actually 1) lie to her, or 2) reveal to her the biggest secret of her life to this date. So I prefer to let her rationale the answer herself, so she’ll come to whatever conclusion she is ready for. So I asked her “What do you think?”

She thought about it for a minute and then told me she believes Santa is real.

Now she is 9 years old. She’s already written her list to Santa. One of the items on her list to Santa is a hammock for the backyard.

She’s also been on MY cell phone alot these days, facetiming and texting with her friends. She doesn’t have her own phone, so I let her use mine, and…

… she read a text message I sent to her dad about picking up her hammock.

She just revealed to me “I know you got me my hammock for Christmas” and she proudly showed me the text message she found.

When to Tell the Truth About Santa / Image Source: Pepper V.

I froze like a deer in headlights, and I thought I had been caught red-handed. I thought she was about to accuse ME of actually being Santa Clause. I didn’t say a word as I was waiting for it…

… and she shrugged and said “I better go scratch it off my list so Santa doesn’t bring it to me anymore” and she left to go do that.

Whew. The inevitable has been put off a bit longer.

But what did you all do about revealing the truth about Santa to your kids? How did it happen?

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  1. We went with a don’t ask don’t tell philosophy. We just pretended forever that they still believed and they pretended they did. We still out gifts out at night after they went to bed like Santa brought them until just recently.

  2. With the oldest child, we didn’t say anything until he asked outright whether Santa was real. And then we answered honestly and asked him not to say anything to his younger brothers.

    The twins have worked out the truth about Santa for themselves but they still play along, because presents 😉

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