What We Believe In

Thank you so much to Bill at the blog “A Silly Place” for inviting me to contribute to his post on things we believe in.

I just finished reading the other 9 contributions and I feel so inspired now by their words – ranging from the power of laughter, and the value of not wasting any time, and so much more! Definitely check out the complete post here if you want to read for yourself, as I certainly recommend it. These writers are fabulous wordsmiths.

Just speaking for myself, I had a difficult time coming up with a specific thing I believed in that wasn’t political or controversial, as I’m not interested in angering people. Lol, I want folks to like me darn it!

So I ended-up focusing on the big Simone Biles news from last week instead. Basically, I felt that she got alot less support from the public than she deserved bc her issue was mental instead of physical. And now I wonder if people who need help with their mental health don’t pursue that help because of a perceived lack of support in general. What do you all think?

Anyway, definitely stop by Bill’s round-up post of the things we believe in here. And I wish you all a great Friday evening!

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