Weird Headaches

So I’ve been having this weird headache in the back of my head, close to my neck. It’s not throbbing, but constant. Nothing relieves it – not caffeine, not pain meds, not sleep. I could actually still feel it while I was asleep! How is that even possible?! And it’s lasted an entire week.

I’ve never had a headache like this before. A “normal” headache for me is a throbbing pain in the front of my head, close to my eyes. It’s usually caused by stress and/or high blood pressure. And I can relieve it numerous ways.

I’m actually all better today (finally!) and I’m stumped as to what happened and why. And I’d love to prevent it from ever happening again.

I actually had an appointment with my doctor today. I made the appointment on Tues when I was feeling unwell. But the soonest they could see me was today and I woke up perfectly fine. Lol, figures.

They ran labs on me and everything came back normal. My blood, my blood pressure, and my urine all were within normal range.

So… I have no answers today folks. Doctor says if it happens again that I can get a brain scan. Wow, that seems intense but ok. Hopefully it won’t happen again.

Have you guys experienced a mystery headache like this before? Low, back of the head, persistent, etc… What resolution did you get?

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  1. If I get those, it is usually stress and I keep all my stress in my neck and shoulders. Being in Colorado, I have a salve I can use that has THC, which immediately relaxes my muscles. It helps.

  2. Just a suggestion but it might be related to stress or tension… I started getting similar pains towards the back of my head two or three years ago. It was so bad I even went to hospital once. A good friend of mine who has worked in a hospital for years gave me the best pressure point massage ever and it soon went away entirely. I still get them on occasion though. I use a hand held massager and work on the pressure points like he showed me. Total lifesaver! Something to try anyway 🙂

  3. I have cluster headaches, brought on by stress and they have been known to last up to 37 days. I now get steroid injections in my brain to help avoid them.

  4. I was having some really bad head aches right above my neck and discovered that the culprit was my pillow. I was using too thick and too firm of one. For a few nights I slept with no pillow at all which surprisingly, really seemed to help. Now I have a very soft pillow that gives only the slightest lift to my neck. I’ve also learned from a chiropractor that I had to stop reading in bed, even propped up with lots of pillows. It messed with my spine, leading to either headaches or shoulder pain. I love reading right before I fall asleep so this is a hard one, but every time I do it, I pay the price. I hope your solution is something simple like this.

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