VIP is Always Better…

I discovered the Netflix series “Inventing Anna” this weekend and, of course I binged it until the end.

Have you all seen this? It’s about a young woman con-artist that swindled the most elite and richest people and institutions of New York City. Just by acting as if she was elite and rich too. AND by being mean to people. It worked. It was fascinating.

And I related so hard to her character because I actually had to work with someone JUST LIKE HER and this show gave me flashbacks!

This person wasn’t even a coworker. He was an independent “consultant” that my company hired. And for some reason, he latched onto me and it was one of the worst years of my life.

He was obsessed with VIP treatment everywhere we went. And he even lied to get it. He shamed me for traveling economy-class and staying at Hilton’s during our business travels. He actually shook his finger at me in front of executives and ordered me to book first-class and luxury travel only. He said I made my company look bad by doing otherwise.

And my company went along with it! (I later found out that he was shaming all of them over other things too).

The very first time that my plane stopped prior to the gate and uniformed people showed up to whisk me away in a private car on the actual concourse… I literally thought that I was getting kidnapped!

But no, it was just VIP.

He was actually quite verbally abusive to most people he came across too. I’ve heard him tell people that they were fat, that they needed to fix their “look”, that they were pathetic and useless, that they weren’t worth his time, etc. It was terrible.

And he actually got me into a very scary moment once, when he scammed us into a physical meeting with government officials in China (prior to Covid), and he over-promised them on everything. My job was to execute on what he promised and I knew we couldn’t do any of it. I kept my mouth shut bc I felt it was wisest to not make an enemy out of both him AND the Chinese government while I was on their turf.

So I kept my mouth shut.

And I ratted him out to all of my bosses as soon as we got back to the United States because i didn’t want anything to do with him anymore.

My company launched an internal investigation into him and did determine that he was a con-artist and fired him.

Holy cow.

I later find out that he was hired by another large company and I imagine that he’s exactly the same, and doing the exact same things there. Because he really faced no consequences. He was just given the freedom to keep doing his thing elsewhere.

So I did relate to the part of Anna’s story where she felt that if she were a man, then she would’ve been rewarded for her ambitious behavior instead of being prosecuted. And I do agree with that part of her defense. Because I’ve seen it in action. With my own eyes.

So this series really got me hooked. Because I related to it way too hard.

What did you all think of it?

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