The Rescue

Hi everyone I hope you are well!

I’m back from Spring Break and I seriously recommend everyone taking a escape from their daily lives when they can. It’s so valuable for a recharge.

I watched zero news and politics and that was probably the best part of it all! I attribute a large chunk of my mood improvement to that alone. The best!

And I did find the BEST documentary I’ve ever seen in my life. It is a National Geographic movie on DisneyPlus and I recommend it to you all immediately. Especially since they are making a Hollywood version of this (starring Vigo Mortensen and directed by Ron Howard and will win a ton of awards) so you probably want to go check out the REAL story from National Geographic first.

The movie is called “The Rescue” and it’s the true story with actual footage of the Thai Soccer Team rescue when those precious children got trapped in the flooded cave.

Do you all remember when that happened? The news at the time made the event seem impossible. I definitely recall not believing that the kids would survive.

And this documentary reveals what really happened. And you find out that this event was actually 100x more impossible than the news even presented it to be!

I was so proud to be part of the human race watching this. It’s simply good people achieving GREAT things. Together. And they pulled off the impossible.

Power couldn’t do it. Wealth couldn’t do it. Machinery couldn’t do it. Governments couldn’t do it. Just simple good people. That’s it. Amazing.

So definitely check it out when you can. You might need tissues. But totally worth it.

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  1. I watched this a few months ago!!!! It was crazy and sooo cool to see a bunch of hobbyists come out of the woodworks to save the day!! It was incredible! Have you watched Free Solo? Another greatttt adventure doc!

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