Lockdown Family Fun

Hi everyone! Like most of us, the majority of our favorite entertainment options have been a no-go this summer. Our concerts have been cancelled, as well as our beach trip. And our regular Saturday matinee movies are closed.

But one thing that’s been extremely entertaining to both myself and my kid, and has successfully gotten us out of the house almost everyday, has been the PokemonGo game we’ve downloaded on a cell phone.

We get out everyday and drive all over our city looking for these Pokemon and collecting items. If it’s nice outside and we can avoid people then we park the car and walk around too. But otherwise we just play in the car and still have fun.

I just love it bc I hate feeling like I’m stuck in the house.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this in case you guys are running low of ideas to keep yourselves from going stir-crazy at home. Kids love it too.