Sundays are for Dreading Mondays

Anyone else in this boat with me? This is definitely a pattern I have fallen into lately and I don’t know how to change it without quitting my job.

So instead of actually enjoying my last day of the weekend, I’m already mentally preoccupied with how much I have to get done during my workweek and how much I have to get done tomorrow in order to pull it all off. And it makes me feel overwhelmed and anxious.

I’m basically letting work hijack my weekends now. And I don’t know how to turn it around.

I’m a bit upset right now bc all I want to do is turn OFF my head when it comes to work and the more I actually want that, then the worse it gets. I’ve attempted to pick up a couple projects today and I had to stop them bc I was too distracted by work that doesn’t even start until tomorrow.

Sigh. So that’s me right now… My apologies for being such a bummer today. Do any of you go through this too? How do you fix it?

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  1. I changed my job and it got a little bit better. I’m still trying to find that job which makes me look forward to work on Monday… but when it was at its worst, I started taking my vacation days, one Monday a month. That way, at least one weekend a month had 2 good, productive days of enjoyment before I dreaded the week on that vacation Monday. I hope you figure out a way to enjoy your much-deserved weekends!

  2. It’s definitely a trap that we can easily get pulled into. A couple of things have helped me. The first and most achievable was to commit to something on a Sunday that I couldn’t get out of. I coach kids’ football and have to just be there, regardless. It definitely takes my mind off work, even though it takes up a lot of time.
    The other thing was to find myself in a job I love, which I realise isn’t that easy and that I’m very lucky.

  3. Before pandemic I never really dreaded Mondays but I did look forward to Friday evenings bc that meant start to the weekend lol.. But now during pandemic it’s the opposite (I’m ashamed to say).. My friday evenings are sort of like the Monday blues for most ppl bc it means the start of the weekend which always seems so boring, long and filled with a lot of toddler tantrums that I’m so exhausted by lol… So now Mondays are my new Fridays bc I get a bit of a break during the workweek lol

    1. Oh gosh! I completely remember those toddler days! Yes, I considered going to work to be “a break” as well! Lol, my workplace office was my escape from all my home and kid responsibilities. But now I actually no longer have a workplace office to go back to, so no more breaks for me! :/

  4. Some mindfulness meditation that focuses on the present moment may help you shake some of your distress and break the cycle for awhile. It only takes a few minutes of time to practice.

    1. Aw thank you Swabby. I do enjoy peace and quiet and miss it tremendously. THAT actually might be part of my problem. My home is chaos 24/7 now bc everyone is home all the time so it’s so incredibly rare for me to have any privacy or peacefulness anymore. I think my deprivation of that is wearing me down. 🙁

  5. I have to say that death made of loved ones made me appreciate my days. Also I was so ill for a year and now I”M BACK HEALTHY! So I feel like a bad ass.

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