Summer Trip Decision

I’m finally caught-up with work so today was a normal workload day! I’m not overwhelmed like I was last week, and I’m getting back into my typical workday routine.

And we made a decision about tagging along with my dad this summer…

…and we’ll do it!

Holy smokes I’m so anxiety-ridden about this.

We’re going to the Amazon rainforest to his bucket-list destination of Kaieteur Falls… It’s famous for being the largest single-drop waterfall on the planet. And the most powerful, by volume.

Kaieteur Falls in southern Guyana

Obviously, I’m scared. The only way to get to it is 1) a 5-day trek through the rainforest, or 2) a small prop plane.

But, if I don’t go with my dad. I’ll never go. And my daughter wants to come with us.

My dad has always been like this. When I was a kid, he was always taking us with him on his travels. And he didn’t go to tourist hot-spots. He liked the destinations that were RARE. I remember one summer when I was in high-school, and he took me to Borneo and left me with villagers who didn’t speak any English for about a week while he went climbing their mountain and caves.

But I never died during any of these adventures. So why would I start dying now, is kinda how I’m looking at it. We should be ok, right?

I also want my daughter to experience this kind of stuff. My dad is the only person I know in real-life that would do these things and go to these places. So if she doesn’t go with him, she might never go in her whole entire life. And I wouldn’t want her to miss out.

A few years ago, my dad actually climbed Mt Everest. He invited me to go as well but I was too busy with work and couldn’t get away. And while I wouldn’t have wanted to climb Mt Everest myself, I wish I had gone with him and I would’ve hung out in Tibet while waiting on him. And I probably would’ve enjoyed exploring Tibet very much. So I always regret it when I DON’T tag along with my dad.

Also, my dad isn’t going to be around forever anymore. It makes me sad thinking about it, and so I want to cram as many activities as I can with him, while it’s still possible.

So wish me luck with this summer trip! I’m going to need it!


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5 Replies to “Summer Trip Decision”

  1. Wow Pepper!! You are so brave. I like your attitude about it too. My Dad is in a nursing home. Yes – enjoy him while you can. Excited for you.

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