Stop Trying to ReSchedule Halloween

So someone in my neighborhood has started the annual push to reschedule Halloween! They are asking for everyone in the neighborhood to rally together and “do Halloween” and the children’s trick-or-treating on Saturday night, Oct 30th, instead.

People, quit doing this! Halloween is ONE day only. It is October 31st. I don’t care if it’s Sunday and the children have school the next day and you have to go to work. There’s a simple solution for that: start early and end early. That’s it!!! So simple. Quit pushing a more complicated solution that burdens everyone else for YOUR issue!

If you are personally unable to attend to Halloween activities on the actual October 31st, then there are HUNDREDS of alternate activities you can attend on different days: The zoo hosts their ZooBoo event, there are several Trunk-or-Treat events scheduled all over town starting this weekend. Just Google it. And then you have all your alternate Halloween events to choose from that are NOT on Oct 31st.

But frankly, rescheduling Halloween for everyone shouldn’t be an option if there is not a more universal issue that warrants it. For example, if there are forecasts for severe weather or if there’s a massive power outage so all the lights go out, then I can be agreeable to a re-schedule because the issue affects everyone anyway. I’m not unreasonable.

And I don’t mean to pick on Halloween specifically. I feel this way about ALL holidays. Especially the 4th of July. I’m the ornery neighbor that’s upset about all the fireworks going off for WEEKS around July 4th. It should be ONE night only. That’s it.

Whew. Ok, I really needed to get all that off my chest. I get so worked up by this request every year when it happens! What do you all think? Do I need to lighten-up?

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  1. They have never done Halloween on Wednesday or Sunday night in my hometown because of church. My sister shared the post recently on Facebook that they are doing it Saturday. I know many people want it to be moved permanently to a Friday or Saturday. I agree with you. It needs to be on the 31st. We survived it for year’s. We can survive it now.

  2. If someone suggested rescheduling Christmas to the 26th December… well, nobody ever would suggest that. You can’t reschedule, it’s not like Halloween can say “it’s all right guys, I’ll wait until it’s convenient for you to eat sweets, ask strangers for sweets & watch scary films” 😂

    1. Exactly! Holidays aren’t supposed to be about CONVENIENCE. There’s a purpose for them like Christmas and Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, etc…. Halloween’s purpose is to eat candy and wear costumes. And what’s convenient for one person is not necessarily convenient for another person. That’s why you stick to the actual DAY and quit trying to negotiate the convenience of it.

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