Still Catching-Up from Spring Break

So I’m still upset that I had to go back to work and my real life after being on Spring Break last week, lol.

My work piled up so badly while I was on break that I seriously feel as if I’m being punished for having taken some days off. I even logged-in a few times during my days off to handle some issues that couldn’t wait for my return. This is always the case whenever I’m gone from work and probably a main reason why I rarely do so anymore. So I just work endlessly and stay burned-out.

And then my dad invited me and my daughter to hang out with him in the rainforest of Guyana this summer. (So random, I know!) But there will be absolutely ZERO internet and cell service there so I’ll be totally absent from work 100% for the first time ever and I don’t know if I can do it. Like, can I survive being completely unplugged?

I have to decide this soon so the proper plans can be made, and I don’t know what to do. I think it will be great experience but I’m also so very worried about it.

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    1. Oh I have to update you on this! We’re actually not going to Guyana this summer after all, because it’s still their rainy season until Aug and they won’t do the flights to the waterfall in the heavy rains. So we’re planning to do this during fall break or spring break instead when it’s more likely to have clear weather. We’re still going to do it – but we want to go when there’s a better chance for success. 🙂

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