Spam Comments on WordPress Are Out of Control

Ugh, all the spam comments on WordPress are out of control and they are ruining my mood everyday! Check out my screenshot of a typical Comment queue for me now…

I get so excited to receive an email notification of a new comment on my blog so I check and… it’s freakin’ SPAM!!! This has been happening more and more frequently to me. It’s up to around 20 a day now. Are you all having this problem too?

By far, I’m receiving way more spam comments than real comments and it’s really infuriating me because I feel discouraged AND it’s wasting my time!

Luckily, I’ve had my comments set to Moderation mode so they don’t appear on my blog unless I approve them first. Then I’ve been sending each of them to SPAM as soon as I can. But it doesn’t do anything to decrease the frequency of receiving them. Like, I don’t even want these spammers to know that I exist! How do I become invisible to them?!

I Googled some more steps I can take to help deter this, and I found a setting to block comments based on keywords. I just made that change 10 minutes ago and I hope to see a major difference in how often I receive these stupid spam comments. From looking at my unapproved comments queue, you can guess what keywords I blocked, but I don’t want to actually type-out those keywords on this post in case it helps them find me again. 🙁

Anyhow, I’d love to hear your experience with this. Is it bothering you as much as it does me? How can we all unite to END spammers once and for all?!

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  1. Omg that would be annoying! I’m like you, I get excited when I see a new comment lol but luckily I don’t get many of these.. I have only maybe gotten 2 of these and they end up in my spam on the WP admin navigator but I don’t get notified of the spam comments.. I have to go into the spam folder to see it… Once there was a legit comment in there too so I was glad I checked it! That would be annoying!

  2. I’m caught on these, since sometimes I write posts and it’s nice to get comments. Then I read the comment and realize it’s a robot. Then I wonder why I even bother to write anything.

  3. I noticed, a while ago, that the vast majority of spam comments are left on older posts. So I set WordPress to automatically close comments on posts older than 28 days.

    It’s proved to be surprisingly effective.

  4. 20 a day?? Yikes, that is crazy! I get maybe 4 or 5. Some are plain daft but others are so inappropriate that I have sometimes had to resist the urge to approve them and reply sarcastically haha. Good luck reducing those numbers! 🙂

      1. Haha, yes, I don’t approve them either – it is a temptation I resist as it will only encourage them! I don’t know about you but lately I have noticed the spam messages themselves are getting longer – I mean thirty or forty lines long! 😦
        Hope your spam eases!!! Stay well 🙂

  5. I filter spam comments and have had to do so for over ten years. I make a habit of dumping them twice per week.

    I’m also concerned about the “boilerplate” monetized blogs that have started liking and following my blog lately. Most of those monetized blogs are clearly just selling stuff. It’s not even nice, useful stuff, either..

    1. Ah you’re right about those boilerplate blogs. I’ve noticed them following me too and I’m immediately discouraged because it won’t really count for anything useful or interesting to me. I know it’s just a waste.

  6. I have the spammer go to my contact page and leave me messages. I get a ton of these messages daily. But the great thing about it is due to this, I got better autoinsurance, got a ton of traffic and found out we’re in the days of Revelation. 😆

  7. I don’t have any type of comments on my blog yet, but I do handle the spam for work, and the emails are out of control. I get close to 100/day. It’s exhausting, because I have to sift through them to determine if there’s a real email in the batch.

    1. Oh dear, 100/day is way too much! Especially having to check each one as well. Just thinking about my personal email account… I probably get around 30/day there, and I’m angry about those too! 🙂

  8. I close the comments on my blog posts after two weeks. Once I did that spam seemed to fade away. Sorry that spam-a-palooza is happening to you.

    1. So far… my keyword blocker is working! My next step if the problem persists is that I’ll close the comments on my older blogs, like you suggested. Let’s hope I don’t have to! *crosses fingers*

  9. Same! They’ve been a lot of them over the past few weeks for sure. Thankfully all of them end up in the spam folder which I only go through once a week to find legit comments.

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