So Close to Freedom! (Another Update Post)

Oh gosh everyone! My husband finally went back to the office for work in June! And that made me so happy because I was going nuts with him at home with me 24/7. Since then, I’ve been looking forward to the college kid leaving for campus in just 2 more weeks too, so there’s been so much enthusiasm for life from me!

I’m only 2 weeks away from having my home all to myself for a few hours every day! Wooooo! If you’d like a refresher of all this older news, you can view this previous post: So Close to Freedom! (Update Post) – Pepper Valentine

But now there’s new news. And I’m not very happy about it.

I guess because the covid cases are starting to rise again in my local area, my husband’s office is now mandating masks for everyone (vaxx and un-vaxx) starting Monday.

My husband is now going to leverage this news, to make his office allow him to work from home again. His position is that if it’s so risky that everyone needs to wear masks to work, then it’s so risky that he should stay home to work. And he’s really going to push them to let him work from home again.

I’m so upset by this. I haven’t had my home to myself since March 2020. And that’s too much time for me (a natural introvert and loner) to not have space and/or time to myself at all. I’m only 2 weeks away from having this finally, after waiting for so long! Don’t take it away from me!

Also, IF lockdowns happen again (which I’m hearing rumors of but I hope not), and IF layoffs happen again, then I don’t think my husband should be the squeaky wheel so much right now. I think he’s playing Russian roulette with his job. And this is such bad timing for that, as I don’t feel secure maintaining our lifestyle with a single income. Plus, MY job is vulnerable to layoffs too. So it’s very possible that BOTH of us could become unemployed.

Ugh. I’m so upset. I hope his work says “No” to his demands, and that they don’t hold it against him later. I wonder what’s going to happen!

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  1. I know how you feel. My wife was supposed to go back to the office a couple of days this week and didn’t. She’s supposed to go on a business trip for a couple of days this week. I won’t be surprised if that gets canceled. I was looking forward to a couple if days a week of her at the office.

          1. I encourage my clients to do this to kick off kick off their weigh loss journey. I don’t know why I never wrote about it. I will def have to.
            Anywho, let me know how you feel afterwards 😍

    1. I don’t think he’ll resign because he likes his salary. But he’s quite stubborn and he will make them miserable over it, unfortunately. So I’d expect him on the short-list for any future layoffs. πŸ™

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