Save the Day When Santa Gifts Won’t Arrive In Time for Christmas

I am currently in the situation where one of my daughter’s big Santa gifts won’t arrive in time for Christmas. She requested something of Santa that is incredibly obnoxious and cannot be found in a normal store I can visit like Target or Walmart.

She asked Santa for a “claw machine”. Holy smokes.

Of course I’m not getting her a commercial-grade 9ft tall claw machine – I’m crazy but not that crazy!

But I did find a 3ft tall mini-claw machine. And… it’s being shipped from China. And even though I ordered it a couple weeks ago, there’s still no way it will make it to my home for Christmas.

I’ve checked the tracking on it a million times by now and there is no hope. So now I’ve got to re-adjust and come up with a backup plan.

I decided to fabricate a letter from Santa to my daughter. I’ll print it up on some nice cardstock and then leave it Christmas Eve night, so she can find the letter amongst her other gifts Christmas morning. I think I did a pretty good job on it. What do you all think? Will it look legit to a 9 year old?

Santa Gifts Won't Arrive in Time For Christmas
Santa Gifts Won’t Arrive in Time for Christmas / Image Source: Pepper V.

Is anyone else in this situation where Santa gifts won’t arrive in time? What are you going to do?

If you think it will help, I don’t mind sending this letter to you too, so you can use it as well. You can either reach out via this contact form below or at, and I will send you the letter…

Hope you all have a happy holidays! 🙂

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    1. Lol a claw machine are those scams at the arcade stuffed with toys or bears, etc. And kids spend a fortune trying to grab one with their levers that control a giant claw. But the claw practically NEVER grabs anything so it’s a big money-suck. 🤗

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