Reverse Bucket List

Bucket Lists are really cool. I have one myself. It’s full of places I want to visit, and things I want to do, and people I want to meet… it’s great! And it can be a good motivator.

In some situations however, it can also produce feelings of discontentment… especially if you have bucket list items that are unattainable or too far out into the future. It can also lead to dissatisfaction with your current life if there are feelings that some bucket list items are necessary first to achieve happiness.

But Reverse Bucket Lists can be a positive spin on that. That’s a list of items you can focus on instead, which you have already accomplished and you can be proud of. I actually love the idea. I think it’s great to reflect on accomplishments regularly and not lose sight of what you’ve achieved so far.

I started working on my own Reverse Bucket List, and it will be a work in-progress as I intend to keep adding to it as I move forward. I hope to reflect on it frequently to help boost my confidence in myself and to help maintain a sense of satisfaction with my present life.

What do you all think about Bucket Lists and Reverse Bucket Lists? Do you have either of them, and how do they make you feel?

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7 Replies to “Reverse Bucket List”

  1. I think you are making a great point about being thankful for the bucket you’ve already filled.

    I’m 64 and can look back and know that I’ve run marathons, rappelled out of helicopters, played guitar in a weekend warrior band, helped deliver three babies, held countless hands of people as they died, spent three weeks in Africa and three weeks in Italy, had a job once that I got to fly on the company jet, bought, sold and grew several businesses. I have been married to the same woman for 38 years and helped raise three daughters who are all productive citizens, with families of their own.

    It’s been a good run and I have great memories. Sure, I have a boatload of regrets, but who does not?

    As I get close to retirement . . . and closer to my own death each day, there are a few blogging buddies I’d like to meet in person, but I’ve done some pretty cool things and have no big plans other than to hang out with my grandchildren and remember when I was young, fast and strong. 👍

  2. Always have a goal. Why not? I have a bucket list as well. I’d like to achieve a few things with the podcast and the blog…also visit a place called Tokyo. But it’s also okay to have BIG and small targets. today? A good cup of coffee. ;0)

    1. Oh dang, now that you said this, I don’t like the term “reverse bucket list” anymore because it absolutely can be applied to your description of things you don’t ever want to do. You are right.

  3. I don’t really have a bucket list, I thin it’s too confining. Also I find each goal is nice when done but also meh…

    I dunno really.

  4. I have a bucket list but I’ve never heard of a reverse bucket list till today. Sounds intriguing though and a good way to be thankful for what you have.

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