Quick Weekend Catch-Up

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? I just wanted to check-in with you all while I had the chance.

My weekend was quite hectic and I haven’t had much time to myself. And the first part of my upcoming work week is looking to be quite busy as well so this might be my only chance to catch-up with everyone.

So let’s see, what’s going on with Pepper?

There were a TON of Southwest Airlines cancellations today (about 27%) of their schedule, so I’m kinda nervous about my TRIP in a couple weeks! I’ve booked my flights with Southwest Airlines so I’m watching this news story very closely in case I need an alternate solution. I suppose my back-up plan will be to make the 12-hour drive EACH WAY instead. But I’m not very happy about it. πŸ™

And, nobody has guessed correctly yet where my trip will be! Maybe my clue above (a 12-hour drive for me) will lead to the correct guess? I live in Tennessee, United States.

In other news, I’m still obsessing about starting an in-person meetup for bloggers all over the world. This is totally my cup of tea and I would love to make this happen. I previously posted about it here if you wanted a refresher.

I’ve been trying to come-up with the perfect title for this, but all my faves are ALREADY TAKEN! It’s discouraging that all my best titles aren’t available for me (I’m looking at domain names), so I’m a bit stuck at the moment. I feel like I’m waiting for inspiration to hit me and it’s slowing down my momentum. So I’m kinda bummed. πŸ™

Anyhow, that’s my scoop for this week. My apologies that this post is so short but I’m out of time and I’ve gotta run! Everyone have a lovely evening!

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  1. You’re starting a whole new site for blogger meet-ups? If so, that sounds cool!

    Hm my husband is better with geography, I’ll have to give him that 12hr drive clue and see what he thinks lol

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