Q1 2022 Subscriber Spotlight – The World’s Common Tater!

I’m very pleased to announce that our latest Subscriber Spotlight winner is Tater from The World’s Common Tater.  He is a dad, husband, writer, and avid fan of tater tots (hence, his alias) that gives you a heart-felt glimpse into his daily life with occasional snippets of his past. The best is when he shares stories from his time in jail! Yes, you read that correctly. 

Today is also his birthday! Happy birthday, Tater! Below is a photo of Tater with the actor Henry Winkler…

Q1 2022 Subscriber Spotlight – The World’s Common Tater / Image Source: The World’s Common Tater

The World’s Common Tater blog is very prolific so you don’t have wait long for a new update! Tater is also very well-versed with current events, television, movies, music, sports, and books so there is no shortage of material for him to catch your attention with. He specifically caught my attention with his posts about his toxic workplace (oh gosh I can relate so hard!) and then his posts about how he actually QUIT (my DREAM!!!).  He’s kinda my hero because of this. 

Another one of my favorite things about his blog is the quality of comments from all his readers. He’s managed to produce content that is very interactive, and you can see that from how active his comments section usually is.  

Tater does have social media accounts too, so if you enjoy those other platforms you can find him below:  

Twitter: @theycallmetater 
Facebook: theycallmet8er 

And he is also on this platform that I discovered only because of his posts about it, named “Medium”.  Have you all heard of this already?  It’s a platform for writers and there’s opportunity to make income on it by publishing your posts to it.  If that’s up your alley, then definitely check out Tater’s “Thoughts on Writing on Medium” for a great review of the service, and you can use his referral link that he included in his post to give it a look. 

Please give Tater from The World’s Common Tater a warm welcome. I enjoy his writing and his frequent interactions, and I’m happy to consider him a new friend.

Don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday too! :)

P.S. If you are unfamiliar with my Subscriber Spotlight, it is a quarterly drawing of my email subscribers where the lucky winner will get a promotional blast of whatever they want.  Tater is the lucky winner for this quarter.  The next drawing will occur at the beginning of April 2022 (just a few more weeks away!).  Don’t hesitate to subscribe below to be included in the next drawing!

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