Positive Affirmations

Do you receive enough positive affirmations in your life?

It really does make a difference in attitude. I will go several weeks at a time without anyone telling me anything positive about myself, and I do notice my mood sinking and my thoughts start turning dark. And when I suddenly receive a compliment or a positive comment, then it turns around so fast!

I wish my attitude wasn’t so dependent on other people. But to me, a positive compliment from another person = 20+ positive comments from myself. It just doesn’t pack the same punch when I’m trying to boost my own confidence.

So I’m trying to figure out how to surround myself with more positive people. That’s why blogging has been important to me, because of all the positivity and social support here. I’d like a similar circle of positivity in my real life, but why is it so difficult?

I think in real life, people are bogged-down with responsibilities and chores and to-do lists and everyday stresses, that to take 20 seconds to build up someone else is easily overlooked.

But when people make the time to go online (via blog or social media, etc), then some of those stresses and responsibilities can be set aside for awhile, allowing more positivity to come out.

I don’t know, what do you all think?

I just wish with all my heart, that someone I respected in my real life would tell me:

“All your hard work does not go unnoticed.”

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4 Replies to “Positive Affirmations”

  1. In my old life, I never received external positive affirmations. My mood also depends a lot on them so I was depressed for a long time.

    In my new life volunteering at the farm and subbing at the high school I get it a lot, especially at the school. It really boosts my mood to have all of the kids so happy to see me. I still don’t get it at home.

    I hope you find a place to get what you need.

    1. I recall that I “met” you online when you were describing your old life and I remember being so incredibly happy for you when you left! And now I’m still so happy hearing that you get positive affirmations at your new places. That’s awesome! (And I don’t get it at home either).

  2. I know how you feel from a very similar point of view and I do agree with you. I can tell you’re hard working and intelligent and your efforts in your real life should be appreciated more.

    People take other people for granted and it can turn toxic.

    I hope you get more positive affirmation in your real life 🙂

  3. I find Giving someone a compliment helps a person’s outlook and makes them feel better. I also find I give them out more than I receive 🤣💕

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