Pepper’s Life Updates

Hi everyone! Just a quick update post to let you all know what I’m up to!

Today my daughter gets to dump her crutches FINALLY! She’s been on crutches for almost 8 weeks now. She still has to use a walking boot however to support her foot, but the best part is that her hands are free! Lol, you don’t realize how burdensome it is to not have hands available to help you while you walk. So today is a good day and we’re super-excited about this. My daughter can fetch her own drinks and snacks again!

So far, except for all the surgery-related pain at first, her foot has been pain-free lately. I’m curious to see if that will keep up once she truly starts walking on her foot again without the support. But for now, it’s really encouraging.

Also, we’re planning her 11 year birthday party too! She wants a glow-in-the-dark dance party, so, that’s what we’re preparing for. The timing couldn’t be better for this. She already missed one school dance a few weeks ago because of her crutches so this party will kinda make-up for that one she missed. I’m happy she gets to play with her friends again, as she hasn’t been able to for a couple months.

And this week is Spring Break week so my daughter and I will be flying to stay at my parents’ house. My parents are pretty awesome and it’s perfect that she’s done with crutches in time for this.

That’s all the news I happen to have for you all. I hope you’ve been doing great and I hope some warmer weather is in store for us all! :)

Everyone have a great Monday!

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  1. Wooohoooo, fantastic news about the crutches going! 🎉 I struggle with using a walking stuck when I go out and only having one hand (trying to get groceries, look at clothes, carry shopping bags… bizarrely difficult). That’ll be an awesome day for her and I’m glad the pain has been lower, so I hope that continues when more pressure is out on her foot.

    As for a glow in the dark party, hell yes! When is her birthday? I’m probably too early to wish her Happy Birthday in advance but I’m excited about this party!

    I hope you both are having a wonderful time with your parents. Take good care of yourselves 🤗

    1. Oh gosh, you’re so right about how difficult it is to have your hand(s) occupied with a walking aide instead of free! It is definitely super-annoying! Her party is going to be on April 8th – a few weeks after her birthday, but we had to work-around soccer tournaments and school events so that her friends would be available. :)

  2. I’m so glad she can finally walk hands-free, Pepper! Here’s wishing your baby girl a full and complete recovery and a very happy 11th birthday! 💖💐🌺🌞

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