Nobody Wants My Stuff

With all this extra time at home, I’ve definitely been trying to unhoard all my stuff. I even unhoarded some of my things that my parents have been storing for me at their house.

If there’s been damage to anything, I’ve been throwing away. If I know someone in my life that would enjoy something I’ve found, I’ve been gifting to them and I’ve been very pleased to cause a small bit of happiness for them. But everything else I’ve been trying to sell and I’ve had no luck.

I’m not even sad about not making any $$ on anything.

I’m sad that alot of these things I felt had value to them, hence I kept them for as long as I have and cared enough to keep them in as best condition as possible. But it must’ve just been imaginary value for myself. Bc nobody else cares. 🙁

Remember all those Rolling Stone mags from the 90’s I had? I could never bring myself to throw them away bc they were a big deal to me at the time. I was so proud of my collection. So I kept them safe and well.

Image Source: me

I’ve had them on eBay since August, and yesterday I made my very FIRST sale! I was so excited that someone actually WANTED one of my prized treasures. Wooooo!

Lol, and then they requested to cancel 10 minutes later. D’oh!

So… My stuff is all junk. I’m starting to get the picture. It just kinda hurts my feelings though. Am I a weirdo about this, or would this hurt your feelings too?

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  1. It’s okay to feel sad. Anyone would feel the same in your situation. It’s a good thing clearing the stuff though. They say we can’t fill a full cup so emptying it allows for a refill, the same applies to our lives. All the best.

  2. Two things: 1. I did a radical decluttering a few years ago and put some nice antiques and vintage items up for auction piggybacking my dad’s estate sale. I received less than half of what I thought I should have. 2. Many people have the same problem with too much stuff in their homes. Unless they’re hoarders, folks don’t want more. If you get pennies on the dollar, you’re doing well.

  3. Lol well no cause what is a treasure to some is not to others … plus you also have to remember these are hard economic times currently – so people being careful with their money

    They may wish for things but just too worried to buy anything currently and then add in coronavirus fears

    So don’t feel too bad – is just the particular moment is not the best. People being more careful and more frugal

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