New Year Glow Up – 2022 Edition

Happy New Year everyone! We made it to 2022 can you believe it?! I never do resolutions because I stink at committing to them, but I do want to commit to a new year glow up for myself. I wanted to do this glow up for myself last year too, but I slacked-off and I never even started.

My main problem is that I’ve totally neglected my appearance ever since Covid hit. When the pandemic happened, I completely stopped going into the office and I have also stopped going out to bars and dinners with friends like I used to.

Since I don’t leave the house anymore except for errands and groceries, I’ve stopped dressing well, doing my hair, and doing makeup. The only clothing I’ve bought for myself since March 2020 has been pajamas, hoodies, socks, sneakers, and sweatpants. So attractive, isn’t it?

But I’m kinda tired of looking so drabby all the time. It’s been affecting my mood negatively too, as my self-confidence has dropped so much in the past two years. The lack of social interaction and the lack of care to my appearance has bummed me out. I feel like a new year glow up could help.

So I do want to start dressing up better everyday. Ok, probably not EVERYDAY, but definitely more days than I do now. And I don’t have anyone in my real life that will notice if I start improving my appearance, but I do have social media that should work instead. Is it sad if the only positive validation I have in my life anymore is from social media?

But is anyone else in the same boat? Want to consider doing a glow up for yourself as well? We could be new year glow up buddies. I’m serious.

I’ve taken a couple steps already to make this happen for myself. I’ve started the process of meeting other bloggers in real life – which will make me dress-up because I’m getting out of the house and meeting people again! I’ve already met one lady in-person who is in my same city, and I’ve started a website named Bloggers Offline to help facilitate larger-scale meetings in the future when the audience is large enough… (fyi – the registration form is up and running so you can participate too, hint hint).

Also, I’ve made an appointment at an aesthetics spa to get my eyebrows fixed on Thursday. Lol, I’m sure they’ll recommend more things to get fixed as well, but I’m open to it all! So all of this will hopefully get some momentum going for me to keep up appearances. Wish me luck! And join in if you want!

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15 Replies to “New Year Glow Up – 2022 Edition”

  1. Gosh I’m in it same leaky boat…just sweats and hoodies and anything cozy and comfy! I’m not quite ready to let it go yet but you go girl! You look great!!!

  2. Aaaaaaah, so glad you posted this and reminded me of my own glow up project. While I’ve been heading to office every day, I stopped putting in the same effort I’d do for my corporate job -switching to more baggy, comfortable clothes. I do want to look more badass boss in 2022 and I’m going to work towards that too.

  3. Hi there Pepper, it’s good to look after yourself especially if it peps you up – I don’t think you need the validation but it’s each to their own and I like the idea of the Bloggers Offline… I hope it works.

    Happy new year – I hope you have an amazing year 🙂

  4. You’re beautiful Pepper! So nice to see your smiling face! I think this year is the year of makeovers, getting out of our comfort zones and moving ahead finally when we can. I’m in the same boat as you with the lack of dressing up, make up etc. Yoga pants and athletic wear (even though I’m more sedentary) has been my uniform for awhile now, but lately I’ve been feeling a bit more of a get up and go so I’ve started making myself put a little make up on even if nobody but my sons see me. I think it’s time now that we begin again…good for you!

  5. It’s insane how the way we dress affects our mental state. I’ve started dressing up better too and I feel like I can take on almost anything and everything!

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