Mystery Headache is Back

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Ugh. I’m definitely not someone to fuss over a headache. I’ve had headaches all my life. From stress, from decreasing my caffeine intake, from hangovers, from migraines, from eyestrain, etc…

But THIS particular headache I am fussing about because it is so UNLIKE any other I’ve had before. This one is very localized – the lower right backside of my head. It occasionally gives off a cooling sensation (weird). And the pain resembles labor contractions (super weird) – intense pain for a few seconds, then nothing for a few minutes, then the intense pain for a few seconds, then nothing again for a few minutes…. Over and over again for DAYS.

I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

And nothing will relieve it. I’ve tried every drug over the counter. I’ve tried resting and sleeping. I can feel this pain in my sleep even! I’ve tried massage and heatpacks. I even looked up some “old wives tales” / home remedies on the internet and drank some white vinegar if you want to know how desperate I was for relief. It was gross and didn’t work, btw.

So I have a doctor’s appointment today at 3. I hope they can fix me.

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  1. There was an article in the New York Times in September about a man dying from eating black liquorish 😮 causing his potassium levels to drop 😮

    Make sure you watch the foods you eat 😮 I had no idea that could even happen 😳

    Hopefully you be ok and hopefully is something simple to fix 🙏

    Thoughts and prayers be with you 🙏 keep us updated for sure!! Thinking of you! 💗

      1. I know I had no idea that could even be a thing 😮 I would never suspect Candy!! Even black liquorish 😮

        Well I hope you feel better and they figure out what is wrong 🙏😘

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