My Christmas Shopping List

So… I’m definitely one of those people that NEED to make a Christmas shopping list in order to stay sane during this HUGE endeavor. I’m still anxiety-ridden and stressed-out over it, but having the list does noticeably help.

I like to list out WHO, and if I come-up with any ideas that I want to pursue for them, I’ll list those ideas too. But the best part of having this list, is I can scratch stuff OFF it as I go. That’s where the satisfaction comes from, being able to scratch stuff off it. Feels so good.

With the exception of my daughter and the few kids on my list, I really have the most difficult family to shop for. Because on the one hand, there’s nothing they NEED; and on the other hand, they already go and buy for themselves immediately anything they WANT. So when it comes to gifting anything for them, it just feels like it’s such a waste.

But the real problem is that their love language IS gifting while mine is decidedly NOT. And they are quite easily offended if I fail at either 1) gifting them something on-par with their tastes, or 2) showing immense appreciation for whatever they gift to me.

So this is why Christmas stresses me out so much. It’s certainly not pleasant. How’s the Christmas-shopping experience for you all?

Below is my Christmas shopping list so far. Lol, I haven’t come up with any good ideas for all the people on my list yet. I’ll try to look around online and see what I can find…

1 Husband
1 Daughter
1 Adult Step-Son
1 Mother-In-Law
1 Father-In-Law
1 Mom
1 Dad
1 Brother
1 Sister-in-Law
1 Adult Niece

3 Child Nieces/Nephews – DONE!
3 Teachers – DONE!
2 BFFs of my daughters – DONE!

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  1. Christmas shopping is both fun and stressful. I try to research thoughtful gifts that certain people would like and I eventually find something, but geesh, it takes so much time: choice fatigue. So I’ve become a boring gift giver: I gift books, fragrant lotions or face balm, yummy treats, or gift cards. Kids get toys! Like bossybabe, kids get presents and senior members get cash. lol.
    I hope you find some great gift choices soon and you can enjoy the Christmas season!!

    1. Yes, I’m so much like you! I do really try to be thoughtful with my gifts but it is exhausting! Like, it’s ridiculous how mentally draining it can be more than anything else. I would pay EXTRA just for someone else to make all those decisions for me. It’d be worth it. I hope your pwn gift hunting goes well this year! 🙂

      1. I was thinking about your post last night as I was online shopping for my parent’s Christmas presents. It’s not only about choosing what to get them but checking if the style is good or colors right for older people. I was exhausted afterwards. At least that’s done.
        I prefer shopping at places with free shipping…makes such a difference.
        Hope your Christmas shopping list gets shorter after the Black Friday weekend…although Black Friday has been going on since early October.
        Happy Thanksgiving and have a great weekend. 🙂

        1. Oh gosh, it’s definitely exhausting to come up with the best gifts. You’re right, there’s so much that goes into it! Styling, colors, etc… It’s all too much! Yes, everywhere is WAY too crowded for me now. The rest of my gifts that I haven’t picked out yet will have to be online only. Good luck with the rest of your Christmas shopping! Your family is lucky to have you be so thoughtful with their gifts. 🙂

  2. Woot you’re on your way! We decided long ago the gifting experience was just going to be reserved for kids. Takes a lot of stress out of it. When adults were involved it was a stealing Santa or secret Santa situation. 😜 Best of luck with your list, Pepper!

  3. Sounds like a real stress… this is why I don’t get on well with Christmas – so many opinions and high expectations.
    Best of luck with it!

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