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Well, still no news about my daughter. She’s still unwell. She’s visited several specialists this week. We still don’t have a diagnosis, still no answers, still nothing providing her with any relief.

She literally just lays around all day in discomfort. She can’t go to school, she can’t play with her friends, she can’t take a walk around the block. My daughter isn’t any more special than anyone else. So I’m asking this for EVERYONE… how is this OK?!

Her primary care doctors saw her and knows she’s unwell and passed-the-buck to the Emergency Room. The Emergency Room saw her and knows she’s unwell and passed-the-buck to several specialists. These specialists saw her and knows she’s unwell and passed-the-buck to DIFFERENT specialists. These new specialists are telling me that they don’t have any availability to see her until JANUARY. HOW IS THIS OK?!

It’s not ok for anyone in this sort of pain or discomfort to be treated this way.

And I’m especially upset that ALL THESE DOCTORS that are passing-the-buck and not helping her are sending me a bill that I’m now financially responsible for. This is all wrong. They haven’t even helped her. The system is broken.

If I hire a plumber to fix my sink, guess what? I don’t pay him unless my sink is fixed! I feel like this is a SCAM and my daughter’s health is being held hostage.

I’m so upset. I just need a doctor to treat my kid. That’s it. Where can I find this person?! NOT at a hospital or at a doctor’s office apparently.

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  1. There is little comfort I can give. I don’t know if you pray but I have a prayer my Aunt and I came up with when we had a crisis come up for my Grandma. It worked. β€œMay the doors that need to open, open. May the doors that need to shut, shut. We pray this in your holy name Jesus. Amen. Sometimes you need to call in a higher power when it comes to ridiculous bullshit.

  2. What have they floated around in terms of diagnosis? I hate throwing ideas out there but I’ve seen some things come out recently about Lyme disease and how difficult it is to either screen or detect?

    1. You got me curious about Lyme disease, Bosssybabe, so I did some internet sleuthing… hm, nobody has brought up Lyme disease yet but I can’t rule it out since nothing else is sticking. I haven’t noticed any serious bites or rashes on her in the last few months, so maybe not. But definitely something to ask about just in case. Thank you for the lead!

  3. Unfortunately this happens everywhere. It took a year and a half to get a diagnosis about the pain and numbness in my wrists and hands. It’s taken another 6 months to get through surgeries. I had multiple rounds of X-rays and physical therapy during the diagnosis period. It took 8 different doctors, 2 different hospitals and enough tests to graduate med school to get to this point.
    I hope you have better luck getting answers for your daughter.

    1. Oh gosh Kristie! That’s an extreme amount of effort on your part to get answers! I hope most of that is in your past now and you can finally look forward with alot less pain! πŸ™‚

  4. This is lousy. I feel your frustration and am sorry. I’ve gotten tangled in situations like this and you don’t know what to do. I get it. Doctors might say they mean well, but their indifference suggests otherwise.

  5. Pepper, I’m so sorry as I can feel the frustration as well as the desire to get to the answers now instead of waiting until January. How ridiculous! Perhaps if you can still your mind and ask your higher selves (beings) to point you in the direction of help, that would work. I know this sounds like hooey, but here’s another option….is it a stomach issue? Gluten?

    1. Well, I can’t rule out anything at the moment since I don’t have the answer, so gluten can possibly be the culprit. It just seems unlikely at the moment since she’s not having any digestive issues. But I’ll stay on the lookout just in case. Thank you for the suggestion Yvonne! πŸ™‚

  6. Ugh. I’m so sorry. I know how frustrating it can be. Believe me. I went through a health issue about ten years ago. Took me 2 years and advocating to finally get some solid answers.

    I’m sure they have, but have any of the doctors looked into autoimmune issues. Those are the hardest to detect, because you can look okay on the outside and be suffering on the inside.

    1. Oh gosh, I don’t think I can survive 2 years of this! You are so strong to be able to get through that, and for so long! So far, we don’t have a doctor referring us to see a rheumatologist. But if we keep failing to get any real answers, I’ll pursue them next.

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