My Kid is Scared of Santa

Tonight’s the big night that we’ve been prepping for. All the gifts and cookies and decor are ready. And to top it all off… My kid is scared of Santa.

I mean, she’s not scared of the concept of Santa. She’s also not scared of the Santa at the mall that she’ll chat with about all the toys she wants. She’ll happily sit on his lap for a photo opp too, in exchange for the promise of gifts later.

But she IS totally scared about being asleep alone in her bed in the dark when a grown man sneaks into the house in secret and nobody wakes up when he does so.

I don’t like that she’s scared of that, but I’m also kinda relieved that she has some situational awareness over what is and isn’t a dangerous scenario.

I don’t know, I’m conflicted over whether or not I should be concerned by this. I’ve never heard of kids being scared of Santa before. Have you experienced something like this with your kids?

Anyhow, so we’ll be spending Christmas Eve camping in another room together so she doesn’t have to sleep alone in her bed. She’s happy with this, and I’m kinda happy too.

I hope you all have a great Christmas tomorrow!

6 Replies to “My Kid is Scared of Santa”

  1. I think you are raising a smart child to question this! Just bring some magic and fantasy into your answers so that Santa becomes a fairy tale type of figure that no one else can be. You can make it metaphorical and elevate her fears. She is correct it is strange to wait for a man to come in the house. You can also let her know daddy meets him at the door and gives him the presents and that Santa is proud you know how you don’t let people in the house. Use her smarts to your advantage. Happy happy holidays

  2. We had that with one of our kids when he was young. Exactly the same — he was terrified of a strange man coming into the house while everyone was asleep. We had a couple of difficult years and then he grew out of it.

    Merry Christmas

    1. Ah ok! I’m glad he grew out of it, and I’m glad I’m not alone in this! I’ve just never heard of it before with kids so I was wondering if it happens. Merry Christmas to you too! 🙂

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