Just Waiting for Someone to Move this Pile of Sh…

So last weekend, THIS happened to my home.

This WAS a previously clear hallway to a storage closet that I frequently use and access. Then a pile of crap got dumped in front of it.

It’s been an entire week now. And it’s still there.

I have a policy where I do not pick-up after another adult in my own home. Nor do I nag at them to pick-up after themselves because that always turns into a massive explosion, and I definitely want to avoid that at all costs.

So I have to ride it out. And wait. And live uncomfortably in my own home because every single time I see this mess it makes me go a little bit crazy. And I have to bite my tongue about it too.

I’m wondering how long it will stay there? I’ve already planned to step over it and push it from the door if I need to access that storage closet, but otherwise not touch it.

I’m willing to bet that it will still be there at Christmas if I maintain my composure (so difficult!) and don’t take any action to remove it myself.

What do you all think? Would this stress-out anyone else or am I being a total weirdo? I really do miss having a clear hallway to a closet that I use. 🙁

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  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who behaves this way – going crazy inside but not doing anything about it cause it’s somebody else’s mess. While I haven’t lived with a partner to know what the right to do is but I have lived with flatmates who just wouldn’t get the hint. And from past experience waiting and blowing up later just makes it so much worse. I waited a few weeks and finally took photos and sent it to my flatmate who was in her room 5 steps away with a message asking – “is this how we are living now”. So passive aggressive. It didn’t go well. 🙈

  2. It would totally stress me out. I try not to pick up the stuff if others, but I would say it moves or it goes. This would drive me crazy

  3. Yes freaking hell this would piss me off.. Who put it there and why aren’t they moving it. Everytime something like this happens I take it as a personal affront bc listen, everyone who lives with me (namely my husband) knows shit like this bugs me yet they’d leave it there anyway… What’s this really saying about the person who left it there?? They don’t care how I feel?!!?

    You’re strong! I’d be hollering down the stairs “get this crap outta here”… As you can tell I’m a very calm, likeable human being 😅🤣

    1. YES!!! You definitely said this best! I take stuff like this as a personal affront too, and I’m just constantly pissed off over it. I have to look at it alllllll day long too. Already had to step on it and over it to get to the closet as well. Ugh, I’m so offended. It’s still there, btw. 🙁

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