Just A Couple Quick Updates…

My apologies for being absent on here lately, everyone.

My daughter hasn’t been feeling any better. She actually has been feeling so much worse that we took her to the hospital emergency room yesterday.

They ran a bunch of tests on her and recommended that she go see some specialists (same recommendation as her regular doctors). So we don’t yet have any answers or any relief.

The only good thing about this, is that the emergency room was able to escalate all those appointments and she’ll be seeing 3 different specialists THIS WEEK. So we don’t have to wait until December anymore! Thank goodness. Answers and relief *might* be forthcoming! But I’m scared to get my hopes up.

I might have to remember this emergency room hack the next time we need to see a specialist sooner than what’s available.

Since my daughter has been so unwell, we’ve been laying around the house all the time. Not really doing anything or getting dressed or going anywhere. While she’s sleeping, I have been spending alot of time on my laptop either 1) hanging out on WebMD, or 2) making progress on my other blog project that I’ve been working, slowly but surely.

I consider you all my friends here, so I figured I’d share with you my new project. It’s definitely not ready to be officially launched yet, but the bare bones are up now so at least you can get the point. I won’t yet promote it anywhere else until it’s more complete. But if you all are curious, and if you’d like to give me any constructive feedback or suggestions that I can incorporate while I keep working on it, then you’re welcome to check it out before anyone else.

My new blog project is at: www.bloggersoffline.com

I won’t quit this blog however. I need this outlet and this support system in my life. I definitely NEED it.

I hope you all are doing well…

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  1. First off, congratulations on your new blogging project! It must take a lot of work and energy to get this started. Keep it up!
    I hope your daughter feels better soon and doctors find an answer so she gets the right treatment. All the questions and waiting can make the hair go grey. Thank you for sharing and have a relaxing Sunday evening.

      1. You’re welcome! I’m so glad to heat that you were encouraged. We moms need to hear positivity everyday because our work tends to go unnoticed often.
        Also, I can relate to dealing with a child dealing with an illness (my daughter has congenital heart defect); it leads to a lot of worries, tiredness, and dealing with waves of emotions.
        Take care and hugs…

          1. Ditto to everything you said. Thank you for your prayers and for the hugs!
            I hope you and your daughter find answers and relief. What I constantly tell myself is to take it easy and try not to overwhelm myself with pressure to do this or that. Bare minimum…hugs back to you!

  2. I’m so sorry to hear your daughter is feeling so bad. I’m glad she’s getting to see specialists sooner, though! I pray y’all have some answers soon so she doesn’t suffer any more. Congratulations on your new project!! It looks great!

  3. I also just realized, I put the major city where I live just outside as a secondary city, and a larger more destination-type city as the primary city, because I’m assuming that you’ll be prejudiced toward the flashier city in planning these events, although the city closer to me is way better in my opinion. That’s unusual, it isn’t like me to choose that particular flashier city over the better one… I’m probably just tired and not thinking straight. (Don’t mention the cities by name in a public comment, please, since I’m still officially anonymous on here…)

    1. No problem Greg! You’ll get invited to all cities in your Primary or Secondary list so it doesn’t really matter and you won’t miss out on anything. The only difference is I’ll probably ask people in the Primary City location for recommendations if I’ve never been there before or not familiar with the area. 🙂

      1. In that case, I’d probably be better for recommendations regarding the secondary city that I said I live near, although I’m fairly familiar with the flashier one that I put for the primary city too.

        1. Hi Greg! Ok, I get it. This will be a good learning-curve exercise for me then… I’ll try to add your 2 cities to the single Primary City field on my end and that should keep us covered. 🙂

  4. I’m glad your daughter’s appointments have been rescheduled for this week. Sorry it took going to the ER for that to happen. Now I’m off to look at your new project. I am nothing if not curious…

  5. so glad you were able to get earlier appts for your daughter… I’ve been there (sort of)- it’s so crushing to see them suffer and not know how to help… Hope she feels better really soon!! Love the new project 🙂

      1. Love you too!!! 😀

        You know what I discovered the other day that I feel might be in-line with the new site you’re creating for bloggers getting together?? There’s a forum online that gets readers to participate virtually in writing hours… they all join a certain time frame (EST/PST) and they write… together…. via zoom….There’s a short intro at the beginning (maybe discussing writing goals) and then just simply writing together in the same “space”… I guess for motivation, accountability? What do you think? Plausible??

        1. Hi there Bosssybabe! The new site you mentioned sounds good to me. I think I’ll build-up my own site a little bit more so it reads better (more posts, more content, a coverage map, etc), and then I can reach-out to them. Perhaps they’d like to partner-up somehow. They can be online and I can be offline. 🙂

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