In a Funk

Hi everyone! I hope you all are well. I’m sorry to have been awol the last few days… I’m in a funk and I can’t seem to shake it.

My last post mentioned how I was feeling down about myself… Probably because I was wanting to post a photo of me to Instagram and I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I hated (HATED) how I looked in every single photo. And I took hundreds of photos. My self-confidence really took a tumble.

Then I found out that friends I was really missing were interacting with each other quite frequently. But not including me. It stung and I felt really left-out. And I started questioning if they were even my friends anymore. I still don’t know.

Also, I’ve been spending alot of time researching how to improve this blog, so I’ve been studying what I can find online and honestly, I’m overwhelmed. I feel completely incapable of carrying-out many of the recommendations. I feel stupid that I don’t understand and I’m so discouraged that I could just quit this whole thing.

Anyhow, I realize that I am whining. My apologies for the bratty post, I’m just venting at the moment.

I’ll keep trying to shake this off and get back to normal. I’m not there yet, but maybe soon we can hope.

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  1. No need to apologize. That stuff happens all the time, myself included. I can also recall a time two friends of mine watched another friends kids for a weekend only to find out they went with a group of friends (all close friends) on a rafting trip. They got left out, but good enough to babysit. They were so upset. So I totally get the rant and the feeling of dejection. The way I dealt with it was understanding that it did happen and I couldn’t change it so I just moved passed it. It hurts when you consider them close friends. But please do not quit your blog. I recently just discovered you and enjoy your posts!πŸ€—

    1. Hi Travis, that’s an awful story about what happened to your friends! I would feel sooooo USED in that situation. You’re so right – I can’t change that it happened, so I do need to focus on moving on… πŸ™

      1. Ugh, it created such an awkward atmosphere for the entire group for a long time. It took a while for those wounds to heal over. Time helps to heal the wounds. That’s right, just take it as it’s their loss and that they can’t handle your awesomeness and move on from it, haha. πŸ€— All the best.😊

        1. All the best to you too, Travis! You’re right about time helping, and I keep telling myself that I don’t want “friends” like that anyway in my life. πŸ™‚

  2. Not at all dear Valentine, and please do not do something which surely you are going to regret, like discontinuing this blog.

    Out of all the social media world, i have almost managed to find the blog world as one of the most satisfying experiences. Because it does make one travel within and outside with others and connection is more real than surface.

    One tip that i must share with you, also because it is a terrible feeling, feeling left out amongst friends. Also, because i too like you, want to make some friends here with whom i can keep travelling from time to time through their lives. And certainly it is never late or bad to reach, to find that you are missing. Start from here. This blog. Do not quit πŸ™‚

    Nara x

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words, Nara. I am starting to believe that friendships made via blogs can be very substantial, and possibly even more reliable than real-world friendships. I appreciate you. πŸ™‚

      1. Me too Valentine, its actually quiet amazing to know a few people who come forward and making sure to know more about you and work. Speaking with some is an instant connection.

  3. Hi I enjoy your writing. I sorry I don’t understand getting in funks. I have MD and any day my body works is a good day so that is my starting point. One thing since I have my food blog and do my consulting with a farm and a food truck. So I try to accomplish or learn one thing a day and make that my focus. Since I am doing for others that takes my focus out of my self. I hope that is and idea. I wish you well in your journey

  4. No don’t give up! It seems overwhelming but you can do it! I’m sure you have those that can help you as well. Keep going – the funk will pass! πŸ™‚

  5. I realize I don’t know you wel, but I bet there were dozens of photos you could have posted to Instagram, but you were being to harsh on yourself.
    I bet you are a knock out.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

  6. I just want to send you a huge hug Pepper. You look beautiful in your photo and venting is good for us all. Sometimes friendships change and evolve. I’ve had similar issues in my life too. You’ve got lots of us on here in the blogosphere as friends. πŸ™‚

  7. I think you are too hard on yourself.
    First, you are absolutely beautiful and smart woman!
    Second, friends….. I understand how hard it can be…. I lost my friend after 18 years of friendship. But imagine train: someone gets out, but someone get in….. and might be better one……It is life!
    Third, we all have a moment, so don’t worry and don’t apologize about blogging. We all here and will wait for you.
    Have a good rest and spoil yourself! You deserve it!
    Have a wonderful day!!!!πŸ’œ

  8. ((hugs)). I can see how finding out your friends have been communicating without you can sting. I’d be hurt, too. I’m sorry you had to go through that.

    My current blog is fairly new, but I’ve had blogs before. I’m like you, researching tips, etc. on how to grow the blog. I’ve done the same with my new IG, but I’m finding I’ve restricted myself somewhat, because I followed a “posting schedule” and I now have an “aesthetic” theme going. From now, I’m just going to post, without the added pressures of how things should be, and just let my page grow organically.

    Post when you feel okay to post. Sometimes, we just need time away to decompress.

    1. Thank you so much for the advice. I completely agree with you – it’s an unnecessary pressure on me right now, to be so worried about what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing with my blog. I really like what you said about just blogging how I want to and letting things happen naturally. πŸ™‚

  9. I just went through a 100 photos to find one that I liked enough to post on IG and it really bothered me. πŸ™ˆ I don’t know why we do this but it’s a bad habit I can’t shake down. Funnily the same photos will look amazing to me two years later. πŸ™ˆ

    And about your friends – I think people have phases when they’re closer to others and withdrawn from some. I think 2020 was just so hard for everyone – that maybe give them the benefit of doubt and try again if they really mean that much? πŸ™ˆ

    I hope you feel better soon. ❀️

    1. Whew I’m glad I’m not the only person who does this! You’re so right though, it’s a VERY bad habit and later on I’ll probably enjoy the photo… And I’m not sure what to do about my friends right now. I’m kinda waiting for them to take the next step – the ball is in their court at the moment, is what it feels like to me. πŸ™‚

  10. Sorry I’m a little late getting here. I feel your pain because I’ve been there. I hope The Funk goes away soon, sweetie. Know that you have a friend just around the corner! <3

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