I’m So Close to Freedom!

Oh boy, I don’t know if you all have picked-up on the fact that I’m miserable working from home all day.

I think if I were alone at home all day, then it wouldn’t bother me so much. As I do believe that my primary issue is that my husband is ALSO home all day and I just wasn’t designed to be around someone 24/7 without a break for more than a year! It’s simply not my comfort zone.

My comfort zone is that whoever I’m living with… we do our own separate thing during the weekday (like, WORK) and have a few quality hours together in the evenings and the weekend. That’s a good balance that works for us.

But ever since covid happened, we’ve been home together non-stop. Every waking moment is together. Going on 14 months now. I’m not built for this. I’m burned out and I need a break. I physically CRY so often now because I need a break from this over-exposure so badly.

And I *might* get my break soon.

My husband has gotten his covid vaccine and his work is now telling him that he needs to go back to the office everyday!!!! Wooooo!!! I’m so happy about this I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait!

They want him back at the office so badly that they even offered him a 20% raise to do so!

C’mon!!!!!! This is a no brainer, right?!!!!

But of course I have drama!!!!! Nothing can just be easy for me!

The husband is protesting going back to office. He’s turning down the raise AND insisting that they let him continue working from home full-time. Oh my gosh, I want to MURDER.

If he was really worried about covid, I can be sympathetic to that. But he’s not. He’s just using that as his excuse. He’s flat-out told me that he doesn’t want to go back to the office because then he “has to pretend to work all day”. And he doesn’t have to pretend that at home. That’s it. That’s his reason.

He KNOWS I’m miserable with both of us at home full-time. I hear him telling his friends that all the time so it’s not even a secret. And I don’t have a work office I can go to – I’m a legit remote employee. It’s not even an option for me or I would do it. But he’ll gladly keep me miserable, as well as turn down a 20% raise, just so he doesn’t have to pretend to work all day.


I’ll find out what happens soon I hope. I mean, his work is going to have to make a decision of some sort. But I NEED this. So bad. 🙁

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15 Replies to “I’m So Close to Freedom!”

  1. Oh man! The way you feel about your husband wfh situation is the way I feel about my kid wfh situation… I feel for you! Although Charlotte is back in daycare now, it was her extremely painful for a little while.. I was so out of my element and miserable.. Praying it goes your way!! 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Ah, you get me then! I was the exact same way when my daughter was home all the time too – I felt overwhelmed constantly. Thank goodness she’s back in school fulltime now. I’m glad you understand me. 🙂

  2. My husbands firm said starting mid May one day a week in office is mandatory. In June it goes to two. I’m guessing my September it will be 4

    1. Ah ok, so they’re doing a slow ramp-up with your husband’s firm then. That makes sense too. Some people need to adjust back to working from an office fulltime. It’s a big difference.

  3. Very frustrating when you don’t have a work/life balance. I think people need to work from “home” for many reasons. Maybe it means getting a separate space to go to. The traditional office environment where everyone gathers under the same roof is due for a re-think. No one likes it! People clump together into cliques just like in high school. It is a horribly dysfunctional space for the common everyday office worker.

    1. I totally agree with you that people need a work/life balance. Mine is sooooo out of whack right now. I don’t feel like I’m working from home, I feel like I’m living at work. 🙁

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