I’m Freaking Myself Out

So I have sleep issues occasionally – where I have difficulty falling asleep, or where I see things in the dark when I’m trying to sleep, or sleep paralysis sometimes too. It’s very weird and terrifies me when it happens. But, that hadn’t happened to me in several months so it hasn’t been a recent worry of mine.

Anyhow, I slept fine last night. I didn’t notice anything weird or strange except I did wake up lightly a couple of times and noticed that my cat wasn’t sleeping against me like he usually does. He’s definitely a creature of habit so it piqued my concern that he wasn’t there.

When I woke up to use the restroom around 6am (close to my normal wake-up time so that wasn’t odd), I did find my cat sitting up by himself in the dark hallway. THAT was odd. When he sits up by himself, he’s usually at a window or watching something going on like me cooking or cleaning or something. I made a mental note to pay attention to him all day to see if he was feeling ok.

And then I went about my morning without worrying about it.

Until my daughter told me during lunch that she saw a dark figure coming out of my closet last night. Oh geez.

She slept with me last night. She told me she woke up in the middle of the night to pick up her pillow that fell off the bed. When she turned over to face the hallway and my closet, she said she saw a dark figure half-in/half-out of my closet. She said that she turned away and went back to sleep. I asked her if she saw our cat while she was awake then, and she said our cat was there, just sitting up and quietly watching everything.

I’ve been freaked out ever since.

This is what that hallway and closet looks like from the bed we sleep in. I turned-on the light in the closet so you all could see where it is.

And now I’m very worried about going to bed tonight. Because I’m freaking myself out about it, and I’m scared that I’ll see something tonight.

So what do you all think? Have you experienced something like this before? How do you turn-off your head so you aren’t so scared about it? 🙁

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  1. I believe that there has to be more to life than what we physically see. Our energies have to go somewhere, and not all energy is good. In your place, I would buy a sage stick and cleanse the house, focusing on your closet and bedroom. My son used to experience sleep paralysis in our old house and we would all see dark figures, so we cleansed on a monthly basis, which usually kept the Spector at bay. It was a 150 year old house that had been a funeral home at one point, so we weren’t surprised

    1. Oh gosh, the sleep paralysis is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life! I’m sorry to hear that your son experienced it too! Have you had any more experiences since you left your old house? (I’m trying to figure out if the issues follow us, or will stay with the house).

      1. We’ve had nothing like since we moved. I do believe we are being visited by my mother in law though. We have a music box that was hers that randomly begins playing when no one is near it.

  2. I’ve had similar issues. I used sage as well, but because you just posted and probaby don’t have sage at hand, I would spiritually bathe yourself in white light of protection (and your daughter) and if you’re into angels, I’d ask that they protect you tonight too…St Michael? Also, close the closet door and announce to it to go away and that it’s not welcome in your home. Dark energies be gone.
    Good luck…I’ll send up a prayer for you and your daughter!

    1. Thank you for the prayer! You’re correct that we didn’t have sage handy, but we did close the door and announce it to go away and said prayers to St Michael that I found online, and the last 2 nights were uneventful. I hope it stays that way! But, where would be a good place I can find sage locally? I noticed it’s not at my grocery store. 🙁

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