I Had an MRI Today

Remember my weird headache I’ve been having since the summer? I finally had my MRI today. It was really creepy, I’ve never had one done before.

It took forever to schedule bc of covid screenings. One of the MANY covid screening questions was if I have a headache. Uh YEAH, that’s why I need an MRI. I needed to get special permission from the leadership at the hospital to go forward with the test despite having a headache. So annoying.

So, they make you lie down in this tube machine. And I had to wear my covid mask. And you’re not allowed to MOVE for 25 minutes. And it was incredibly loud.

Of course I started to freak out. I’m a wimp. It was a combination of the enclosed space, the loud noises, the inability to move, I broke out in a sweat, and my breathing picked up so much due to my anxiety that I started to have difficulty breathing in my mask. Which made it even more difficult to stay still.

But I powered through it and finished my test. It wasn’t fun.

They’re sending the results to my doctor, so now I’m just waiting. I wonder what the results will say….


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