Hypothetical Question Game

So every now and then, I will find a very thought-provoking post on my Facebook… And I absolutely love these sort of hypothetical question games because the answer typically gives alot of insight into how a person feels and thinks.

The question post that appeared on my Facebook today was: “Would you accept $50,000 IF the person you hate the most in your life would receive $250,000?”

What would YOU do? Would you accept?

My answer is NO. I would not accept the $50,000.

Because that would mean that Cloudy would receive $250,000.

Lol, it’s ok if you don’t know who Cloudy is as I haven’t talked about him very much. I did introduce him in an earlier post about my toxic workplace, but I don’t like talking about that stuff very much because it was sooooo bad and it depresses me. But basically, he is an evil person, and he tried to ruin my entire career and my life. And I hate him more than anyone else I know.

If evidence appeared that would open the door to a lawsuit, I would absolutely sue him and the company I used to work for. If evidence also appeared that would lead to imprisonment, I would absolutely file criminal charges against him. No hesitation. I just don’t have the evidence.

I think the real reason why my decision is NO, is because he’s never faced any negative consequences for what he’s done to me and others like me. He keeps being rewarded for his behavior with promotions and raises and more power in the workplace.

I simply want justice. That’s it.

And him receiving $250,000 feels like a reward for his bad behavior. And I would choose to deprive myself of the $50,000 gift before participating in him receiving any further rewards for his behavior. He needs consequences.

I don’t know, am I a weirdo? What would you all do?

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  1. I agree with you for the same reason. It would be rewarding someone who has never had to face consequences for their actions. I would want no part of that.

  2. I’m not sure who the person I hate the most is… the ex who lied to me? The pastor who accused me of horrible things? A celebrity or politician who are complete scumbags yet still well-loved and influential? Besides, hate is a strong word, and while it’s probably not true, I would ideally not want to hate anyone.

    Regardless, though, my inclination is to say that no, I would not accept the money.

    1. Oh no! Too bad you have some “hate-worthy” folks in your life (I do too!), but I support your ideal about not wanting to hate anyone. I’m just not there yet personally.

  3. I don’t know Cloudy but I support your desire to screw him over lol although I might think otherwise if the amount you’re giving up was upwards of 100k…lol maybe we can find other ways to destroy him but also keep the money? Lol… Very very intriguing question, will be posing it to my WhatsApp “question-a-day” group tmr! Lol

      1. They all said they’d take the money and give the other amount to their enemy… But then I asked who their enemies were and none of them could list them lol… So it’s hard to withhold money from an invisible party lol although one of them mentioned even if there were people they hated, there’s no one they hate that much that would be worth hurting themselves in the process lol

  4. I don’t think you’re weird on that one.. I think it’s pretty fair to want him to face the consequences for what he did to you. Just so long as it’s not eating you up inside anymore because then he is still winning and we wouldn’t want that at all

  5. I would totally take the money. I really don’t know enough about anyone else’s life to deny them something. Their path may have been much worse than mine

  6. Definitely a thought provoking one. You’re right though, whatever we gain rewarding a ‘wrong ‘un’ is never worthwhile.

  7. A fascinating question. I agree with your answer. I wouldn’t allow myself to be part of anything that helped the person who I hate most in my life. But I’m not clear about who that person might be. I dislike a few people, but hate them… I dunno. 🤔

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