Easily Change Your Blog URL and Domain Name

I was worried earlier today about how big of a problem it would be to change your blog url and domain name. I wanted all my posts and followers to stay unaffected, but I was scared they would all be wiped out instead.

But it was literally the easiest thing possible.

I am a newbie to Blogging, so I had to Google how to do this.

I found a single menu item in my WordPress.com that did it all. I took a screenshot below of what to do. Just go to “My Site” > “Manage” > “Domains” (Step 1) and you’re on the right page to do it all. If you don’t already have your new url / domain, then select “Add a Domain to this Site” (Step2). And once you have your new url / domain, then select “Change Primary Domain” (Step 3) and you are done with the swap!

How to Change Your Blog URL and Domain Name / Image Source: Pepper V.

And I checked everything out afterwards and I believe it worked! I was still able to access all my followers and they were able to see my next post in their WordPress Reader. Going to my original site now even re-directs to the new site, which is even better than I expected!

So far, I’m happy.

But now I have to change my name on all my social media accounts next. THAT may be where all the hard work comes in. Wish me luck!

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  1. Congrats!!
    Yeah the hard part is changing all the names on the platforms
    I recently changed my social media handles to ‘crispyconfessions’ and that was a bit of work.

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