Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My mother-in-law has left the house so now my happiness is overflowing! I know that I complain alot on this blog so I wanted to take a time-out and make this post super-positive for a change and focus on the many things in my life that I am thankful for….

1. I survived another Thanksgiving with the mother-in-law putting me down the entire time for everything I do. But I’m thankful now that she has left! I want to celebrate and PARTY! GOODBYE Felicia!

2. My daughter is feeling much better now and is pretty much back to her normal self! We had appts with 2 specialists earlier this week, and 1 more appt next week! Still no answers, but I’m amassing an army of specialists to call upon should she fall ill like this again.

3. My Christmas tree is UP and decorated and I didn’t lift a single finger! The price of admission for being my guest at Thanksgiving is to work on my tree instead since I provided the holiday meal.

4. My 8 month old cat is surprisingly behaving himself with this Christmas tree! I thought he would have torn it up by now (as he does with everything else), but nope. He’s decidedly been thoroughly ignoring it. Awesome!

5. And finally, I’m also thankful for my friends here. I do consider you all my friends. I can tell you things that I don’t tell people in my real-life. And you’ve been incredibly supportive to me too. I don’t expect this sort of support from people in my real-life, which makes you all so much more valuable to me. Thank you!

I wish you all a lovely Thanksgiving and I hope the rest of your holiday season is blessed and cheerful.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving lovely! I’m glad you made it through okay, well, mentally scarred but alive – NOW is the time to celebrate, now your home is free from you-know-who and you can get back to just doing you with no judgement or pressure. I can’t even think about putting the Christmas tree up. Shoot me know. I’m sure the Christmas 2020 was only a few weeks ago, the time is just disappearing alarmingly quickly. xx

  2. All the Felicias I knew were whacko. I had a bully in elementary school named Felicia. She had a twin brother which made it worse. GOODBYE FELICIA and good riddance!!

    Happy Thanksgiving! We had Thanksgiving in October – my family kept it super low-key because I working that weekend. Canada makes less of a deal out of Thanksgiving than the states. We don’t celebrate it mid-week and only take Monday off.

    1. Lol I’ve never met a Felicia I liked! 🙂

      Oh, I would love an earlier Thanksgiving actually! Everything feels so rushed now! I’m scrambling to get gifts and gatherings done for Christmas and there’s only like, 3 weekends left! That’s nowhere near enough time to do it all! 🙁

      1. Even the Felicia in the show Desperate Housewives is evil!!

        Who says you need to do all of these things? Who says there needs to be rules? This year, we aren’t having much of a Christmas. We aren’t travelling. No extended family is visiting. It’s just us. Last time it was “just us” ended up being the most miserable Christmas ever…. So as long as I don’t let my husband take off to run a dumb errand on Christmas Day, we should be okay. Last time he drove 4+ hours to get a U-haul only to find out that even they are closed on Christmas Day. I spent Christmas Day alone. It sucked. We didn’t even have a Christmas tree! At least we have a Christmas tree this year, so we are already off to a better start LOL

        1. Oh no! Definitely DO NOT let him run off for any errands on Christmas Day! Tell him EVERYTHING is closed. I’m glad you have a tree already this year. You’re right about being off to a much better start this time! Good luck! 🙂

          1. He won’t believe me if I tell him everything is closed. He’s more on top of when places are open than I am. My mom had me believe that everything was closed on holidays – all holidays. And I believed her and never questioned it. Turns out she didn’t like crowds and didn’t want to take me shopping during the holidays. 😏

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Pepper! I always smile when I see you have visited my blog . I’m thankful for you too. Delighted your daughter is doing better!!

  4. What you say is a common complaint I hear about mother in laws… I do have to wonder why they do it.

    Happy thanksgiving to you, we don’t celebrate it over the pond but I hope the day was amazing and god new about your daughter too. I hope the rest of your holidays are just as blessed. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure why they do it either. I watch alot of Dr. Phil on my TV and I hear him ask uncooperative people this question alot: “Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?” I feel like my MIL is one of those people that would rather be RIGHT, than happy. 🙁

  5. I have two sons. Neither is married (they’re only 18 and 22) but I’ve already given them permission -no more than that- I’ve implored them to let me know if I act like one of “those” mother in laws to their wives some day. My girls are married, but I think it’s different with sons in law. It’s a different kind of tricky. But I just want them all to feel loved over everything else. I’m working on remembering that my opinion, even if valuable, comes off as judgmental if not requested. Lol! The in-law relationships might be the hardest ones to get right.

    1. Oh gosh, you sound like you would be an amazing mother-in-law! I would be so appreciative to have one like you. You’re already very thoughtful about how you would treat them and how you want them to feel. That’s so amazing of you! 🙂

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