Guys, This is Not Cute

Alright, it’s no secret that I’m sick of being stuck at home with my family everyday. I’ve definitely fussed about this before. I just need a decent break.

But one side effect of not having a decent break, is that my last nerve is wearing thin. And things that I could easily overlook in my refreshed state, are now the exact same things that can push me over the edge.

For example, I work full-time from home now… Still participate in all my daughter’s extracurricular activities (which are A TON)… do most of the household chores and groceries… and do all the cooking… And lately, I’ve been slammed at work so I’ve been working overtime to stay on track and as a consequence, I am feeling overwhelmed and haven’t been to the grocery store since last Friday.

Today, I finally went to the store and stocked up on everything I noticed we were out of.

I bring home peanut butter (my husband is the only person in the family that eats it btw) and then he actually says to me…

“FINALLY. I’ve been waiting for you to buy my peanut butter for 5 days!”

And I snapped. I know that was irrational of me, but still, I snapped.

I was pissed off bc he actually has leisure time that I do not have. I was pissed off bc he has his own vehicle and income and drivers license and is fully capable of buying his own darn peanut butter. Just like he went out and bought himself new shoes today, like he went out and bought himself beer over the weekend, like he went out and picked-out his own allergy meds yesterday, etc.

Anyhow, I don’t know the exact word I’m looking for here… But what’s a good word to describe someone that will wait around for someone else to do something instead of just doing it themselves? The opposite of self-sufficient is kinda what I’m thinking.

Bc this is definitely a characteristic that is coming out more and more the longer I am stuck at home with my family. And it’s going to make me flip out. I’m sick of everyone depending on me to do everything for them.

As I said, I need a break. Can you all tell? ๐Ÿ™

But as a public service announcement for my readers, the ONLY correct response when someone does something for you that you are perfectly capable of doing yourself, is…

“Thank you.”

7 Replies to “Guys, This is Not Cute”

  1. I just snapped with you! He had the nerve to wait for peanut butter and tell you about it???!! LOL Men are ridiculous and I have one that sounds exactly like that. My husband is far worse than any of my kids.

  2. This is really frustrating to hear in this tough situations. I think you two should have a talk and straightaway tell him whatโ€™s happening and sort the things out. There is always a way out. More power to you ๐Ÿ’™

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