Gifting, Re-Gifting, and Reciprocity

Anyone else as stressed out about gifting as I am?!

This is on my mind bc I’m getting a bonus next week from work and I’m seriously considering buying all my Xmas gifts with it (lol, yes in August) bc there’s so much uncertainty about if I’ll still have a job in Dec. And with this year being so abnormal I kinda want my family’s Xmas to be as close to normal as possible.

And I actually enjoy gifting. EXCEPT the part where they give me something in return. Gosh, I HATE receiving gifts.

My problem is that I’m not a materialistic person, so I don’t obtain much pleasure in acquiring things, and I never go shopping for myself except for essentials. Acquiring things actually causes more of a burden on me bc I get anxiety when things are out of place or when things don’t yet have a place. So when I receive something it usually sits out on my counter until I can create a “place” for it. And my space is very limited here so it does create a stress for me. I wish I could explain better why it drives me so crazy.

I actually re-gift ALOT too. Like, all the time. But it doesn’t help my dilemma bc every time I gift or re-gift, then they reciprocate and I get something back. So I’m at square one all over again. I don’t make any progress.

Lol I can actually vent about this topic forever but you all probably get the point by now. πŸ€—

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  1. I don’t blame you for doing that! The lead up to Christmas is so stressful making sure you have all your gifts ready. Some people buy straight after Christmas for the next Christmas!

  2. You might try being proactive about it and saying no gifts, but a small donation to (insert your favourite charity here) would be appreciated. I did that for my birthday and it was really nice.

  3. I used to be reluctant to receive gifts. Then I realized that graciously accepting a gift is a fine art in some cultures. It is insulting in those cultures to decline gifts. It is good to give and to receive. Giving and receiving are beautiful parts of life. As long as there is no oneupmanship, gift giving and receiving are kind ways to communicate affection and love.

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