Getting Tired of Waiting

So it’s been 28 days without a working microwave in my home. It’s so annoying. I’ve had to re-heat food now using the oven instead and it takes forever and I know it’s wasting so much energy and electricity.

The microwave part my husband ordered to fix it arrived early last week and it’s just sitting on the kitchen counter. Untouched for the last 9 days. Not like I’m counting or anything.

He literally has a 4-day weekend starting tomorrow (he’s actually had 3+ day weekends ever since the microwave died so he’s certainly had the time) and my patience is running thin. We’re just on completely different wavelengths with this. I feel like this should’ve been taken care of by now. Am I nuts?

And there’s no guarantee that when he actually attempts to fix this, that it will work. He’s not an expert at stuff like this so if it doesn’t work, then we’re back to square one and will have to start over. And that’s even more time that I will have to live without a microwave.

So now whenever I see him idle or goofing off with his friends, I feel like blowing up. Because I shouldn’t have to wait on this any longer. I’m really frustrated with the whole situation.

Sigh. I know I’m being ornery about this, my apologies for being in a bad mood…

14 Replies to “Getting Tired of Waiting”

    1. Lol, he just came home early to start his 4-day weekend and I just asked him if he was going to fix it this weekend and he flippantly said “I don’t know”. OMG he’s trying to make me snap.

  1. Leave post its with just the word β€œmicrowave” on them around the house in the places he frequents – the bathroom mirror, the fridge, the TV, his bed side table, etc. πŸ˜›

  2. Bless your heart I have no idea how you do it lol… Hold his underwear hostage… You don’t fix, I don’t wash or whatever you do as part of the household lol I do the laundry so when my husband pisses me off I’m Ms. Petty.. Lol guess who doesn’t get clean underwear and has mismatched socks lol I realize this is terribly petty and immature but I kind of don’t care LOL

    1. Lol I already abandoned doing his laundry when he fussed at me about it once. So he has to do his own laundry himself now and he acts like I’m abusing him for it every single time. So annoying. πŸ™‚

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