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Happy Wednesday! I’ve been a bit stumped lately as to what to write about so I figured I’d chat about myself a bit and let you all get to know me better.

Let’s see… I was born in Singapore. But I’ve lived in the United States most of my life. I’ve lived in California, Texas, and now in Tennessee. I think I enjoyed living in Texas the best, where everything is just bigger and better. πŸ™‚

I just got my U.S. citizenship last year.

I have a 9 year old daughter who is incredibly smart and athletic, with a ton of friends. She’s definitely the complete opposite of me. Every weekend the neighborhood kids knock on our door for her to play and I’m so happy she’s included and so active. Otherwise, she’d be on her iPad or watching YouTube all day so I’m especially thankful for her friendships.

I have sleep issues. One major problem is anxiety. If I’m stressed or worried about something then I just lie there all night feeling my heart pumping like crazy bc I can’t turn-off all the thoughts in my head. Another problem is that I used to think my house was haunted and I would “see” things in the dark while I was trying to sleep. So I would keep the tv on all night to prevent that which also messed up my sleeping.

My parents are retired. My mom has survived cancer 3x so she’s the strongest person I know. But it also gives me fear that she’s compromised if she gets sick again. She’s definitely not 100% like she used to be prior to cancer. She’s probably around 60% of her former self now.

Hm I’m not sure what else… I hope the small amount of info I’ve posted here helps you get to know me better. Do you have any tidbits about yourself you’d like to share with me?

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  1. I can’t tell you enough how similar our stories are! Thanks for putting your heart out and sharing your story. We all have a story to tell. You never know who you will find that just needed to know they are not alone

  2. My brother lives about an hour from Nashville(but in KY) an my niece lives in Nashville. I wouldn’t mind retiring to the Nashville area, but I think I’m stuck in Maryland forever.

  3. Nice to meet you! I hope your mom is okay.

    Answering in character (most of this is in my blog somewhere): It is 1996. I am a second-year university student in the western US, working on a B.S. in mathematics. I live alone in a little studio apartment. I’m kind of socially awkward, and going away to school was a difficult adjustment at first, but it has been really good for me in the long run. I recently got involved with a nondenominational Christian group on campus, where I discovered what it really means to follow Jesus, and I met many new friends who are very accepting of me. I played piano for a few years as a kid but quit because I thought it wasn’t a cool enough hobby, and I hated the way my mom made me play for her friends and relatives all the time. But I recently started singing at church, and I am enjoying that. Around the time I started school, I discovered this new technology called β€œthe Internet,” and I spend a lot of my spare time (probably too much) on Usenet groups and IRC chats, and lately I’ve been using Netscape to look at websites, and teaching myself HTML so I can make my own, although I have nowhere to host one. And I also like to write as a hobby, I just discovered that recently.

    Answering out of character: The above paragraph, and my entire blog, are actually based on me in 1996, which would put me in my mid-40s now. I still live not too far from where I did at that time. Except for writing, COVID has taken away everything I used to enjoy doing. I don’t want to say what I do for work, because that would give away spoilers for future episodes of the blog.

    1. Thank you for the great intro Greg! I was wondering if your blog was auto-biographical because it does read that way, and I enjoy that style very much. But how do you remember all the specifics of 1996 so well? I haven’t heard anyone say “Netscape” in 10 years and I’m like “oh yeah I remember that!” πŸ™‚

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Glad to get to know you! I’m sure you feel like you picked a heck of a time to get your US citizenship, ha! Look forward to reading more from you πŸ™‚

  5. Pepper, I used to see things in the dark as well. My kids have told me the same thing and that part of your post stood out to me. The kids and I (on those types of nights) put a dropperful of Dream under our tongues and it relaxes us to go to sleep. Dream is a Navan product. You can get it on my website if you want…it’s melatonin and CBD without THC. It’s helped us a lot.
    On another note, I love your post and learning about you! I am a cancer survivor as well. I’m almost to the 20 year mark from diagnosis. God bless your Mom….

    1. Wow, congratulations to you Yvonne for being a survivor as well! That’s so wonderful to hear. I hope my daughter doesn’t start having the same sleep issues as I do (and you too apparently). I’ll have to check-out your recommendation for a solution and see if that helps. πŸ™‚

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