First Flight Since Covid!

Soooo… I’ve just booked my first flight since covid happened!

And I’m a bit nervous about it, to be honest. I’m already a VERY anxious flyer to begin with (had a few scary experiences in the past to cause that). And while I’ve never had a full-blown panic attack on a flight, I have gotten close to that point. And I am worried that the mask requirement for the duration of the flight might tip me over the edge because one of my main issues while flying (bc of my anxiety) is difficulty breathing.

Don’t worry – I’ll follow the rules and wear my mask and if I do have a full-blown panic attack, then I’ll power through it. But I am worried about it.

Any guesses on where I’m going?! It’s a domestic U.S. location, but too far from me to drive. I’d also say that it’s a popular bucket list destination.

I don’t have a prize for anyone that guesses correctly, but you can have bragging rights for reading my mind!

How about you all? Have you been on a flight since covid happened?

7 Replies to “First Flight Since Covid!”

  1. You are so much braver than I am! Just thinking about getting on a plane raises my anxiety sky high. But how fun that you’re getting to get away for a while!

  2. Vegas?? Washington?? New York?? Lol I love guessing things but I’m not the greatest 😅

    I have a slight fear of flying that I try to ignore every time I fly lol.. It kind of works so it can’t be that bad (my fear) lol.. Good luck!!

    So far, travel-wise, we’re just sticking to local small towns! 🙂

    1. Nope, your guesses aren’t correct but great ideas! I do want to go back to Vegas super soon! I love it there and I miss it! Aw, well if you figure out how to overcome your slight fear of flying, definitely let me know because I’ll try anything to rid myself of it! It’s horrible! :/

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