Favorite Christmas Gift Round-Up Post

Hi everyone!

To close-out Christmas 2021… I wanted to get everyone together for one last final themed post about this holiday. The finale topic is: “What was the favorite gift you received, or, what was your favorite gift that you gave to someone else?”

Enjoy everyone’s responses below!

  1. Pepper Valentine @ www.peppervalentine.comI absolutely love how little kids freak-out over gifts at Christmastime. My daughter is a bit too old for that anymore, unfortunately. For example, she only asked for clothes and Robux money this year. So boring! However, I do have much younger nieces and nephews that still think gifts are cool. This year, one of their gifts was a kaleidoscope and they seriously flipped out over it. They fought each other to be able to look at all the changing colors through it and just reacted with such enthusiasm and fascination. It’s this reaction exactly, that made this kaleidoscope gift my favorite one.
  2. Kinda Loud Army Dad @ www.twitter.com/iwontquiteverThe best gift I ever gave (IMO) was one to my mother last year for Christmas. She loves it when I make things with my own hands. Earlier in 2020, I had white Quartz countertops installed in my kitchen. When the sink hole was cut out by the installers, I kept that piece, although I didn’t have a plan for it’s future use. It dawned on me, last November, that I could cut it down to size, and make it an address sign (for the end of her driveway) that had my mother’s house number on it. I have a decent sized work shop and I have lots of tools for cutting and shaping this type of material. Once I had the size determined, and cut, the hard part of boring holes and polishing started. In a week’s time (working on it at night), I completed it. The large metal numbers i used, were black, with a silver outline. These were placed on both sides of the sign. It was nice and I was actually proud to make it for her. It still looks great today and she fell in love with it, immediately. Lots of people have asked her where she “bought” it.
  3. Simon @ Simon’s SpaceSo the back story is that I bought my own presents for my other half to wrap. I think my favourite is a camera case backpack so I can take my camera and all the kit wherever. 
  4. BosssyBabe @ BosssyBabeOkay, so this might be a bit cheesy… But my favourite gift this year was knowing that all I really need is my little family: my husband and daughter, Charlotte. We were all so disappointed yesterday because all of our Christmas plans were cancelling one after the other leading up to Christmas day (due to high covid infection numbers). My husband and I were pretty bummed out by Christmas morning but the day turned out beautifully! We listened and danced to Christmas music all day, we opened gifts together as a family then we enjoyed a wonderful meal and a movie to top off the evening. It was splendid! Couldn’t have asked for more!
  5. Kristie @ Adventures with the Michigan MamaMy daughter, Hannah, is at the magical age of 5 where she is excited about everything Christmas. She circled almost everything in Meijer and Walmart toy books. She didn’t get everything, obviously, but she did get a 3 in 1 easel. On Christmas Eve, my husband was a good elf, and put it together for her, which is a huge gift to me. (My ex never did that with the big kids and I always struggled doing it myself when they were little.) Well, when Hannah came out Christmas morning and saw it, her eyes lit up, her mouth fell open, and she screamed, “I love it!” Seeing her happy made my Christmas.
  6. Smelly Socks @ Smelly Socks and Garden PeasMy favourite gift has got to be the pleasure of hugging my parents, laughing with my brother and his wife and just being with family. Very clichéd and I did get great gifts too, but after the last 2 years the company was the absolute highlight. My dad always picks up interesting books for me and I know I’ll enjoy them. Himself and the boys got me a mountain of chocolate truffles too and I got myself some new running shoes. Large boy has declared the gingerbread coffee syrup from Santa as his favourite and small boy is very pleased with a game of guess the animals. Himself is raring to play with his dremel.
  7. Hilary Tan @ www.sereneluna.net My favourite gift this year is probably the Apple Watch that my husband got me. I finally opened it last night and so far I really like it. My goal for the new year is to get back into fitness because I feel like a lazy potato.

Such awesome contributions from you all! I’m so happy and grateful for all the feel-good and positive responses. They put a smile on my face for sure.

I wish you all a happy New Year!


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